Thursday, February 12, 2009

homeschooling stuff and one set of cool scales :)

The boys came from the learning room to show me these cute little 'magnetix' things they had made....

"and watch mum...they spin!" cute boys and their constructions - love it :)

Stass was doing her Spanish lesson out in the family room today and learnt a whole new set of words...

Anth, here is the beautiful Vincent Van Gogh book you bought me for i think my 23rd birthday. I think the insciription you wrote said something about it 'inspiring many artistic endeavours' and here today it did! I showed the kids many of the prints in here as we talked about the differences between self portraits, portraits, landscapes and still-lifes and they were able to identify which were which by the end. We also talked about texture and brushstroke sizes and just generally enjoyed looking at the different pictures. I also had Van Gogh coasters (which i'm pretty sure also came from you Anth!) and the kids matched the ones they had in their hands with the prints in the book.
I got Liji to choose his favourite print and then we propped up the book on the lounge and each sat down at the table facing it with oil pastels (aka crayons) and all drew our own interpretation of the image on some thick white cardstock. Here is Stassi's take on Vincent Van Gogh's 'Seascape at Saint-Maries' 1888 (which is pictured to the right in the book). She did a great job - she's even considered the horizon and the size of the boats - go Stass! and the boys really enjoyed this too :)

And 'pleeeeeeeeeease mum take a photo of us all on the lounge' here are my 3 monkeys...

And little monkey Ethi boo boo had a 'meeting' with the corner of the toy box on the weekend as he excitedly ran into his room with his cousin. This is after 5 days and much healing. Praise God it was NO closer to his eye...
And when Brett and I went to have a cuppa and some sticky date pudding yesterday, there was a little vintage emporium attached and i found these sweet rusted old scales for $6 which now happily stand on my kitchen bench next to my basket of eggs :)

5 things i am thankful for today:
1. Brett doing dinner
2. Hebrews chapter 11
3. Skyping for the first time with the beautiful Gayle Smith :)
4. Lovely wet weather
5. A compassionate doctor :)

More another time,
Lus x
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Jodie said...

hey lusi!
i only just read your blog comment, and didnt even realise you had this blog, yay now i can drop by and say hi and see how you are doing, ive been missing you since the old blog of yours stopped!!

gotta say i LOVE those scales, one of the things i always buy if i spot it at the op shop or garage sale is vintage/antique scales, it all started with a set of my nans and the collection grew, they just have so much more character huh?
i dream of finding an old baby scale someday, hopefully dirt cheap :)

anyway take care and chat soon.
ill be visiting more often now (bookmarking right now!)


Rebecca Vavic said...

My darling friend...
Loving all your posts... loving your gorgeousness kidlets :)

Oiw, you know your 'Get Real' post, the bit about Ethi hurting himself is what got me really teary... Josh hurt himself on Christmas Eve, now has a scar...

The relief that it is not worse, the sadness that it happened at all... this Mum gig is a tough one :)

Love & Hugs

Mel Goodsell said...

oh we've got some magnetix here too...I just showed my Bella the photo of the spinning magnetix and she is off to try and make one.
You've got a great blog Lusi!

miss~nance said...

Love those sclaes Lusi. One of my big regrets when we were getting rid of the old stuff from John's parents place was not keeping this gorgeous green old old scales. Our "old things expert" sold them for us - I think he had $60 on them. But now I have a little area with some old kitchen things and the scales would fit beautifully.



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