Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dodgy Teeth and Family Photos :)


1. Ethi leaning in to listen to bubby and kiss her :)

2. Stassi's new bike that we gave her for her birthday on Saturday morning. I love this picture because it has this big girl bike and then in the corner is the rocking horse which we gave her for 1st birthday. She is way to big for it but we held onto it for posterity's sake at first and then for our little girl who i'm sure will also love riding it. I just can't believe that when we got it for Stass, her feet couldn't touch the ground! Back to the new bike... Brett pumped up the tyres on Monday evening. Stassi spent all of Tuesday morning learning to ride it without training wheels! She said, 'Mum i'm not coming inside until i can ride this if that's ok!' And she stayed out and did it! We are all so PROUD of her new sense of determination :) That is a real answer to prayer - thanks God!

3. The kids with dad tonight after he and mum had been here helping out today since i had to have a couple of appoiments (read below :) )

4. Growing and Glowing card that my gorgeous sister Dee sent with mum and dad with a little pressie for our little princess and some gifts for the kids and me and brett too - just because. So lovely and we were so sorry we didn't get to see her on her one night stop over in Sydney but we only have to wait 2 months and then she will be here for a while :) Yay! So looking forward to that :)

Thanks to everyone for their support of 'Get Real Baby'. It's so refreshing to read everyone's posts. Just join in whenever if you are keen :)

Nadia, you asked how the tooth issue is going - thanks for asking. Well, its been a hectic 24 hours!
I visited the dentist yesterday and basically my teeth and gums and bones are in really bad shape. There is a massive cavity there which needs to be filled immediately otherwise there will be an abscess :( so it can't wait 10 weeks when the bubba is due. It has to be done like yesterday, like 10 years ago :( The two main issues for me are of course the fact that i should really try and avoid any kind of bacterial infection getting into my blood stream since i don't have a spleen to fight the infections. And they said that as soon as they touch my mouth there will be bacteria getting in there. Of course the other major concern is that I'm pregnant!

So i posted with my beautiful friends at SOF and I can't believe how God has answered our prayers within 24 hours :)

The great news is that I can start safe antibiotics in the hope that it will help fight the bacterial infection. And even if the bacterial infection was to get a bit nasty, the iv stuff that i've had in the past (which i presumed would be too strong) is ok to have during pregnancy in just a lower monitored dose. Good to know.

I just *happened* to have my obsterician appointment this morning (read 'thank you Lord for your perfect timing with that!) and he is the best ob on the face of the earth just quietly! He reminded me that the placenta acts as a fantastic filter for the baby (speaking of whom she is moving like crazy right now - love it!) and so there is very little chance of her getting affected by any of that stuff - God is clever to work all that out :) The ob also told me that the the reason i have been so nauseas and wiped out when i was hospitalised last week could be attributed to the yucky rotten tooth/gum/bone issues :) That was also good to know.

My platelets are nice and high too so there is no real drama there which is great :)

After three appointments/visits today; with the ob, a GP and the dentist, there are a stack load of forms that are now faxed down to a hospital in Sydney with specialised medical/dental care. I can't believe how much got done in the last 24 hours - God is so great with working out all the details and thanks to everyone who prayed/is praying :)

So now I'm just waiting for a spot and i know the Lord will open up a spot at the right time. This time yesterday i was so worried and tonight I'm not. God has given me his peace and I'm so thankful.

Ok so might not be blogging over the next couple of days - will wait and see.

As far as everything else goes, we are all great! Still trying to tie up some loose ends before bubba arrives like a couple of cleaning/organising things in the house and needing to purchase a couple of little things too. We are mega excited and can't believe she will be here with us in our arms in less than 10 weeks!

5 things i am thankful to God Most High for today:

1. All the appointments and paper work being worked out so smoothly today! And especially for the wonderful dental nurse who went above and beyond the call of duty and who put up with my sobs over the phone early this morning.
2. Brett and I being able to have a cuppa and sticky date pudding (the first ever dessert we shared together on our of our first dates) after the last appointment today while mum and dad were here with the kids. I'm so grateful they were able to be here :)
3. There not being too much pain/discomfort in my tooth :) That's really good.
4. Homeschooling - love it
5. My wonderful husband who did the shopping (again) tonight to help and whom i love very muchly!

Hope your day was great too :)
Lus x
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Sumara said...

Golly gosh, Lus!

What a relief to know you can get the work done without too much scariness!

PLEASE remember you can ask us for help if you ever need anything. I don't have the car every day so I'm not particularly useful, but if you ever need a babysitter, or I dunno, ANYTHING. Let me know!

MUCH love to you all.

lusi said...

Thanks so much my sweet friend :) I will remember your offer but I'm sure we will be ok. Thanks again!
Love to you guys too.
Lus x

janjan said...

What a beautiful smiling face you have, so full of joy and its looks like you chose a man with the same smile and your children have inherited it has well. What a beautiful start to my day.


Tiff Sawyer said...

Hey Lus, hows things going? Have put your get real baby button on my blog so I can be reminded of you and your positivity every time I post, thanks for being you, Tiff :o)

Anthea said...

Hey Lusi, Hope your tooth is feeling better (If not, cloves are a great tooth anaesthetic!) Anyway - took me a day to get the guts up, but I just posted my first real post. is strangely liberating!!

Anonymous said...

Ouch....tooth problems. I have to have antis for any major tooth problem too. Hope it all goes smoothly, pain freely and quickly.
Will be thinking of you xx
Kaz :)


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