Saturday, February 14, 2009

almost 9 weeks to go and other things...

Here's my tum at 30.5 weeks. Almost 9 weeks to go - who's counting? US!!!

I am so thankful that my tooth is not hurting after being exposed for almost days now. That is so fantastic and something I am really thanking the Lord for.

Brett and I got through some super big cleaning/organising jobs here recently in readiness for bubba :) So glad about those getting done.

Liji was sooooooooooooo enjoyable when i took just him to the shops yesterday afternoon. He was so helpful, asked for help when needed and was so sweet and i just lapped up every second of it considering it doesn't happen like that each time. God really is doing wonders in him - his level of empathy for instance is so fantastic now. Just this morning i was reclining in the lounge chair from very sore ribs and he came and gave me a cushion (unprompted) and when i said, 'oh no mum's ok thanks mate' he insisted and said it would make me feel better. A lack of empathy is quite often present in children on the Autism Spectrum and was quite noticeable for Liji pre-diagnosis. Again, all we can say is that God is doing wonders before our very eyes :)

Stassi really enjoyed Alyssa's birthday party today - thanks Linda :)

Ethi loved playing cubbies inside today since it was so rainy :)

Brett and I got a sleep in till 9 yesterday morning - the kids were up playing cubbies in their rooms quietly. It was a wonderful treat for us. And when i say treat i mean treat!

Brett has taken the kids to church this morning but i am having a relax at home; a bath, some nap time and just generally hanging out worshipping God here. Love these rainy restful days.

I had a most wonderful hang-time with my lovely Mel Moor this week - eating dominos' new chocolate cake thingy (tooth problems? who me?!) and it was lovely to be real together. love you mel.

And i can NOT wait until the end of the month when my Anth comes back for a visit from Wales for her friends' wedding!!! Wooohooooo :)

Love to everyone :) Oh and I have some emails to return which i can only access on my other computer which hardly gets turned on at all these days. Please forgive me if you have emailed and are waiting for a response - will try and get onto that in the coming days.

God bless you.
Lus x


Anthea said...

Hey Lusi, Yep - you can add me to your list - I think?! Glad you got to rest this morning...we all need it sometimes. Thanks for popping by. God bless.

BTW - I LOVE your playlist...tried to get some video of my daughter dancing to it the other day, but she got camera shy.

lusi said...

Yay :) Thanks Anthea and that sounds sweet about your daughter - my kids know almost all the words to the songs on here and now are requesting which ones to be played first!!!! lol :)
Lus x

Renee said...

What a sweet little boy you have Lusi. I think he must get some of it from his Mum's beautiful soul. Good luck with the remaining of your pregnancy, you preggy tummy is so cute.

Renee xox


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