Sunday, February 15, 2009

GET REAL BABY 16.02.09

ETA: If you are playing along this week and you don't mind me linking to you, then please leave a comment on this post right here :) Ta!

Acutally before I post my Get Real Baby Stuff for this week, I wanted to give 2 quick shout-outs of love: HAPPY 7TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to my darling Anthea and her Andrew :) Sending our love to you both and fondly remembering your wonderful day 7 years ago! And also a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our friend Noely Kanoly :) Hope your day was spesh mate! Love to Noel Sum and to you and the girls of course too!!!

I'm so stoked to see so many people joining in this challenge. I just want to give the friendly and loving reminder that its not about getting people down, or defeated or negative; it's just simply about being REAL. I'm just going to repaste something i wrote about last week concerning this whole exercise...

It is about being humble, its about just taking down the walls and connecting with others rather than alienating each other in a false sense of always-having-it-together. I hope that makes sense :) And feel free to add 5 things you are thankful for at the end of it too to kind of balance it out :)

If you have no idea about what I'm talking about then maybe you might want to read my original post from last week which you can get to: HERE. And remember, you can always finish off with posting 5 things you are thankful to God for right now too :)
So here are some REAL things about my life right now:

* REALLY, I can not BELIEVE we finally got the dreaded walk in robe cleaned out. It was putrid. It still has a ways to go but it is so much better than it was and I can't believe how happy it has made me that is has finally some sense of order to it.

* REALLY, I was way too grumpy at the boys today despite one of them biting the other and the other child apparently kicking the biter in the stomach.....what is with that? Shamefully, though i yelled too much. And when they wake up from their nap, I REALLY need to apologise.

* REALLY, I stopped drinking decaf coffee a while ago and then had two this week and they have made me feel like rubbish.

* REALLY, I love reading that I am not alone in the plight to want to be real before God; warts and all, to let the masquerade be torn down, to stand before Him knowing that there is nothing I can hide from Him anyway. And just by pretending that I can hide it from others (even when I'm not conciously doing that) doesn't mean He doesn't see me for who I am. And yet He loves me and shapes me and transforms me....He is truly amazing. REALLY.

* REALLY, I ate way too much junk this week for a pregnant woman; like 6 mini hot cross buns and a block of chocolate over 3 days. That is so wrong on so many levels. I REALLY want to be more self disciplined with that. I REALLY should be. I REALLY NEED to be.

* REALLY, I want to do the whole cloth nappy MCN thing but still don't know if i can REALLY be bothered and if it is worth the effort. I'm sure many of my readers can tell me it is (and i know it is) but whether or not I take the plunge is another issue. Hmmm...

* REALY, I would love to not have to do the low salicylate diet thing so I can serve up big bowlfuls of spaghetti bolognese, cook yummy cheesy lasagnes and just have a garden salad to serve up with cucumber, tomato and salad dressing all over it. I know the benefits outweigh the lack of tomatoes and other foods but I REALLY would love to smell those things cooking in my house again.

10 things I am thankful for today:
1. Sharon coming by today to encourage me and pray with me :) Was so lovely!
2. Fun stuff to do indoors during rainy days
3. "My" pregnancy/labour verse: Jeremiah 32:27 "I am the Lord God of all mankind. Is there anything too difficult for me?" NO! Nothing is too difficult for you Lord!
4. Brett's RDO's :)
5. Clothes horses for drying clothes on said rainy days :)
6. God's beautiful forgiveness when I muck it all up
7. Stassi learning to tell the time with such enthusiasm!
8. Liji drawing a beautiful depiction of Mr McGregor's Veggie garden after reading 'The Tale of Benjamin Bunny'
9. Snuggles
10. French toast as a low salicylate/dairy free option for liji when everyone else is having toasted cheese sandwhiches.
Love and blessings,
Lus x


Cass said...

Love reading your real-ness. And if you decide to go to MCN's let me know as I have a pile of girl-oriented ones here that I haven't gotten around to selling.

Sumara said...

Thanks for the birthday thoughts for Noel. He's away in Melbourne, but I'll tell him you thought of him. :-)

Hey, I think you know what I think about the nappies! When I come visit you (it will happen!) I can show you how easy and non-fussy it is. And I also have a bunch for you if you decide you want them.

I've been way too grumpy lately, too. There have been many apologies in recent days. :-( We just pick ourselves up and try again, hey.

Karen Day said...

hey lusi!

i did cloth nappies with both my kids. at one stage i had BOTH kids in cloth nappies at the one time. liam was born when brianna was 20 month old ... and she refused to toilet train until she was 1 month off turning 3!!!!!!!!!!! so for over a year we had two in cloth nappies.

if u either make those modern cloth nappies that look super cute, or buy terry towelling ones make sure they are GOOD QUALITY!!

i bought DryGlo brand terry towel ones (cos i heard they were great quality) and they were awesome. u can buy or make really cute pilchers to go over the top. i bought 3 dozen, which were on special for $20 each at spotlight and would u believe it ... i never had to buy another cloth nappy again.

ive still got them and they would still do ANOTHER child!

u just gotta treat them nice :) no soaking overnight, only use the dryer if u need to, etc.

u can dye them different colours if u wanted to. or even sew some cool material around the outside edge.

make them unique :)

i love a cloth bum. they look so cute in my opinion.

but i will admit, the disposable nappies came in handy sometimes like when we were on holidays.

it seems like lots of washing. but when ur already doing 2 loads of wash every day, what is another small load? u get used to it really quickly and it doesnt take much time at all.

good luck making a decision :)

Amy said...

Must agree with Karen :P
THough I rekon you need to make sure that you HAVE ENOUGH!!! Bcos when Amalia grew out of newborn & I had to share with Isaiah I just never had enough & now I still dont (Think I havnt unpacked half of them) & I agree with the quality too!! Bcos some of ours have passed their used by date.. DUH!!!

My friend blogs & bcos of my get real blog post she did one & she is doing FANTASTICALLY!!! since then..

elle said...

Hi Lusi

I am doing my 'get real' posts on fridays, so I can see what I have done and haven't done through the week.

I'm admiring your desire to use cloth nappies. My mum did that for all three of her kids, even when disposables came about when my sister was a baby (that was 18 years ago though!)

have a good week!

Kjirsten said...

Week 2 and I'm still here. Day by day, I guess. I did cloth nappies - coloured ones, they were way cool, too. Kjirsten xox

miss~nance said...

Updated my blog yesterday with my Get Real Baby for the week.

I also did cloth nappies - b4 the days of MCN's and I love the way that mcn's have made cloths trendy again.

Brigitte G. said...

hehehe you make me laugh Lusi !!
welll... if you feel like something, just do it, just get it girl !!! (referring to the 6 buns and chocolate)... you'll worry about it later on honey hehehe !!!
As i'm reading some of your posts, i feel you are sooo blessed Lusi and so positive about things, life ect... you're an inspiration girl :)


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