Monday, February 9, 2009

Get Real Baby Feb 09

Get Real Baby.

It's what has been going around and around in my head lately.

Please let me explain.

My biggest challenge probably in my life at the moment is dealing with the imaginary woman; the woman who bakes all the time, who keeps an amazingly clean and organised home, the woman who gets an appropriate amount of sleep, who never raises her voice at her children, who always honours and respects her husband, who has her homeschool organised, who loves to sew, who has a wonderful prayer life, who is joyful in all circumstances, the woman who always sends birthday cards to all her friends on time and makes lovely thankyou notes, who reads the Bible and lives by it every single day, who has all her photos backed up on an external harddrive and who never really worries.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with any of those things at all - in fact I aspire to have many of them in my life. But just wanting to be all those 'things' is setting myself up for failure - this woman does not exist. And see this is the thing...the important thing - I want to be more like Jesus and not like this imaginary woman because I know He just takes me as I am, that He moulds and shapes me and that He is the one who is most important in my life.

What I'm getting at is this - I feel it is crucial to be honest.

To be real.


Because there is no imaginary woman - I am not her, you are not her. And the more real we are with each other, the more open and honest and transparent we are, the more that imaginary woman will disappear and then we can be really free to be moulded and shaped by our Maker.

We are not alone in our messy floors, our cranky children, our fears of being lonely, our difficulty with planning, our struggle to stay on top of bill paying and certainly not alone in our need to be real with each other. Sometimes being real is about sharing the wonderful stuff but is also about sharing the stuff that breaks our hearts, that makes us cry, that makes us wonder how and why and the stuff that can really shake us to the core.

One of my favourite passages in the Bible is in Hebrews where it talks about Jesus being understanding of what we have gone through, that he sympathises with our weaknesses and so we can approach the throne of grace with confidence (Hebrews 4:14-16). He gets it. He understands. He wants me to be real with Him just like King David was throughout the Psalms and just like Solomon was throughout the books of Wisdom.

I'm pretty much a half glass full kind of girl and plan to remain that way giving thanks still in all circumstances. I'm not saying that the things that I post that are real are great or that i'm proud of them, but I am human. I am real. I am wanting to connect on that level with others too. And I will work on some of these things over time.

So here's what I'm proposing - every now and then (i'm not going to say every week because I'm just setting my self up for failure with that!) - i'll be posting a 'Get Real Baby' post where i share things that have really happened in our home. I encourage you to do the same. Copy and paste the 'html code' into your blog (by clicking on 'Dashboard' then 'layout' then 'add gadget' then ' add html code'. Copy and paste it and then you will see my blog button on your page. Let me know if you also are going to do this and I'll list your blog as a place people can go and read about 'real life'.

So here we go for the first:



* Really, I almost can not get into my walk in robe.

* Really, Elijah and Stassi had 2 time outs this morning within the space of 5 mins all before 8am.

* Really, I did not make my bed this morning.

* Really, I nearly passed out before and after the glucose test today and was so glad my parents were here to help with the kids otherwise that just would not have been good at all.

* Really, I baked tonight at 10pm.

* Really, I bawled over the phone in gratitude to the lady at the Autism Advisor Service as she explained how we are eligible for $12,000 in therapy costs for Elijah. And when I say bawled, I mean like I'm not sure she was able to understand what i was even saying by the end of it but I'm sure she got my drift.

* Really, I felt sick when Ethan ran into the room and fell and tripped and landed right near his eye on the corner of the toy box. Like really, I thought I was going to vomit. So glad it was not any closer otherwise he seriously could have lost his eye altogether. I held him so tightly afterwards and cried and really thanked God it was not worse.

* Really, I slept for 2.5 hours on the recliner this morning from 4pm just so i could try and escape the rib pain (thanking God it has gone now!).

* Really, I had my friend come over tonight and while we prayed and chatted, she cleaned the dishes and swept the floor.

* Really, I get excited at the thought of finding the right computer cupboard that we are going to find in an op shop and that i am going to paint before bubba comes. Really. I get excited about that.

* Really, I haven't mopped my floor for over a month.

* Really, I need to stop going to bed after 11pm.

* Really I am so saddened by the bushfires and major loss of life in Victoria at the moment.

Well that's enough for my first Get Real Baby Post.

Ok so if you want to join in, don't forget to copy and paste the html code for the button and then let me know in the comments that you are joining in and being real about your life too.

I'll finish with 5 things I'm thankful to God for tonight:

1. Chat with Kaz :) Thanks for caring mate!

2. Time with Ally tonight :)

3. Mum & Dad being here to help out today

4. Going for afternoon tea with all of us this arvo

5. The fabulous Autism Advisor Service call

Love Lus x


Scrapsister said...

I'm in....and I've started ;)

tara said...

awesome lusi!

i very recently just started adding thanks points at the end of my blog posts... i reckon this one is fantastic too!

Cherie said...

Great Idea Lusi...

Love the photos from previous post...just gorgeous...]

Keep well
Love to all'
Cherie xx

miss~nance said...

Thanks Lusi for being real and thanks for the encouragement to do teh same. I am in, will post tonight, but be warned IT wont be pretty.


anthea filmer said...

I miss you so much Lus. That's my real! Love anth x

Sarz said...

Thanks for being real with us Lus. It's so true what you said about our need to be honest so we are ready for God to shape us. I might have a go at this later in the week on my blog.
Love Sar.
2 Corinthians 4:7

Anonymous said...

Really!!! Love it, really! Being real is sooo good. I do it face to face, as you know, and all too often!.... that is why I had to set up my blog to focus on the positives. So I will remain "real" face to face, really!
Thanks for putting a smile on my face, again.

Love you
Kaz :)

PS Can I come and mop your floor? You know how OC I am about that. lol

Neek said...

I like where your coming from Lusi! :) I am not sure if I can be that public about being real - however, will think about giving it ago on my blog! :)

Take care.

Ali said...

love this Lusi!! totally something ive been trying to work on of late - to not sweat the small stuff and not care about being 'perfect'.

love ya & take care

Chrissy said...

Oh hon that "imaginary" woman has given us all some sleepless and questioning moments I'm sure. I love the honesty here, it's so important...

Love to you!
Chrissy x

Donna said...

I'm in Lusi, tahnks for the big push...we all aspire to something we will never really be, but God loves us, he really does!!! He loves people who don't try as hard as some, and we shouldn't beat ourselves up about it so much...but we do...I know...I am slowly learning taht ordinary is better than perfect...and that effort is more important than outcome...xoxo

Karen L said...

I'm in too Lusi - as much as we all aspire to be the perfect woman, I am so thankful that we don't have to measure up to this for God to accept us, and I am especially thankful that it's the heart attitude that counts with God.

Renee said...

What a fantastic idea! I am in, and I have already made my first post. Nothing too steps :)

Lisa Pate said...

So *love* this Lus!!!! I am in, so darn in!!!!

Love to you


Rebecca Vavic said...

Really, I love you Lusi Lou...
Really, I have tears...
Really, I have not much more than that because I am over sensitive and really emotional these days...

Hugs, love and missing you often.

Nicole said...

Hey Lus, this sounds like me at the moment too. Trying to do it all and failing sadly.

I may have to start up.

Mate, been thinking of you too, and how that new bubby is growing.

Loves to you


Jane Ettia Jones said...

oh my gosh Lusi I so needed this....thank you so much for sharing this and making me realise i am not alone...COUNT ME IN

mizbear said...

Count me in Lusi. I too am a homeschooling Mama, new to HSing this year. (I think you live near me too).
The biggest thing about being a SAHM is that we tend to think we're alone, but we're not really. Thank you for providing this opportunity to share and encourage one another.

livinglife said...

Brilliant post! I'm in - will write a GET REAL post real soon....

Gypsyangel said...

Hey Lusi, I am going to play along and will place a button on my blog tonight. I need some positive affirmation in my life. So please add me to your list.


SkyeMJ said...

count me in Lusi!

my first post back from holidays is tomorrow and I will 'get real' then!



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