Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Lots has been happening around here with our first week of homeschool having been and gone! We really began to relax into it by the end of the week and have really started seeing the impact of it all already - its incredible! Our kids are playing together more (and better too!) and we are really enjoying having them here all the time. Of course there have been some difficult moments too but we have had God's grace, peace and leading to get us through those. I'm sure there will be lots of both kinds of times to come!

We got word this week that our family are all fine in the North of Fiji where there has been flooding and cyclonic activity. Thanks to those who emailed or messaged. All of my dad's family - EVERY SINGLE RELATIVE - live in Fiji so whenever it is in the news it is even more so on our hearts than usual. Our family are safe but there are lots who have lost homes, income and quality of life due to this. Please be praying for them as the Lord leads you.

Ok so our week in pictures....
The kids enjoyed an afternoon treat of 'safe' icecream' :)

The pumpkin is beginning to appear (at least we think it is pumpkin!!!)...

Our new 12 seater dining suite arrived after waiting a month and a half. I think Diane asked last time where it was from. We bought it from 'Everyday Living' and it is called the Ashton and is the extra wide model. We are still getting used to how big it is but we love it!

Here we are enjoying our first family meal at the new table...

Brett sanded back the cot we were generously given by our dear friends Monique and John. He did the final coat of paint today and it is so pretty! I can't wait to see our bubba girl in it!

Speaking of bubba girl...here i am at 27 weeks :)

I bought these new photo boards for the main wall in the kitchen/dining area and really like that you add photos to them without having pinholes in them!

We dropped a friend at Sydney Airport on Saturday arvo and decided we should make a night of it and let the kids walk around the city for a while. We hardly ever get there for that kind of thing so it was lovely to do that as a family. We talked about the new and the old buildings...

and the kids were in awe (again) at the height of the structures (which we don't have here in our little town!)...

The kids wanted to pose before the monorail arrived...

smelling the flowers out the front of the Queen Vic building...

i took this from the inside of the monorail...

and i love the look on Brett's face in this pic as the world rushes by...

On Sunday we had 20 cockatoos visit us in our backyard...

while we were having dinner with my mum and dad. It had been a while since we last saw them so it was lovely to have a meal, a swim and time together.

I've been sewing too! Kaz popped around and saw that i had worked out how to sew my first buttonhole but i kid you not, when you left Kaz, the whole machine has refused to sew!!! Brett was stumped by it (he can fix almost anything!) so it looks like it needs to be sent off to be looked at :( Not happy Jan! I'm sure it will be nothing major (since it is practically still a brand new machine) but i am determined to continue to learn! I am now half way through a little bag that I'm making as a gift for my friend. It is cute too (from the ladybird material Kaz!) and was almost finished when the machine got naughty! Anyway, will get the machine fixed then will share my little bag with you!
We had our inspection with the Board of Studies inspector today who was an absolute gem! I feel so blessed to have met her and she has granted us a 2 year permit thingy (very technical term) lol so we are thrilled! Stass had some trouble understanding her maths lesson today and it turned to tears. But we were both so proud of her as she calmed down, had a drink, returned later and worked it out while we snuggled on the blue sofa and watched the math.u.see. dvd. She felt so great that she had worked it out and we were so proud of her. Her resilliance level seems to be increasing which is excellent!
Must also share my new table wreath i made yesterday.
10 things I am thankful for today:
1. A fantastic OboS experience!
2. A surprise cheque from our health fund! Thank you Lord!
3. Clean running water
4. Sore ribs which means a healthy growing energetic bub!
5. Anth's comments - miss you mate! Love you!
6. Kaz - for your lovely visit and for the material and clothes mate!
7. That Brett has an outlet and loves playing basketball still
8. For my mother's group friends
9. That Stass and Liji played so beautifully so many times today
10. Casting Crowns music which encourages, challenges and edifies the church
Thanks for dropping by :)
Lus x


Anonymous said...

Lusi - Did you check the bobbin? Sometimes when sewing stretch fabric it will tangle if you are not using a stretch needle.

Kaz :)

Gail said...

Love reading your update, as always, but hey,you failed to mention the missing hair from Brett's face! He looks like a whole new man [monorail photo]without the stubble, very impressive! lol Also love the photo of the kids with their grandparents, awesome!

lusi said...

Thanks Kaz - will keep that in mind and maybe look at changing needles??? Keep those ideas coming!!!! :)

And Gail - lol - Brett laughed out loud literally when i read him your comment! I always say he looks so much younger when he's clean shaven but i love him either way!
Love to you!
Lus x

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy reading your home schooling journey. I too was going to suggest the bobbin as well.

BTW can you please tell me where you bought your photo boards. I have looking for something like this for a little while. How much where they ?

Nadia :)

lusi said...

Hi Nadia!
Thanks for popping by. I meant to update with that info actually as Anne had also asked about the boards (my aplogies Anne!)
I got the boards from a bargain store in my area and the largest ones were about $15 each and the smaller ones i think were about $10. I had some of the tiny ones from days gone by and so it was just about mixing and matching them up a bit. It seems to work well for us so far!
Hope that info helps!
God bless,
Lusi x

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lusi :) We have just painted our family/dining kitchen area and I have a wall that these would be perfect for. I will have to keep my eye out for them.

Thanks again,

Nadia :)

lusi said...

Most welcome Nadia! Do you have a blog? I'd love to see the photos of your room when you are finished - sounds like it will be great!
Lus x


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