Monday, January 12, 2009

First Day Snaps and the Countdown begins!

We gave the kids their stationery pot gifts before Brett went to work. Here he is reading the card out to Ethan...

Part of the plane Liji and I built yesterday and he got frustrated with it round about here. This morning I woke up to him having built another kind of machine with it spontaneously which was great to see...

Here's Liji very proud of his writing the word 'Australia' copied from the map...

Eth was busy pasting his map in too...

And chook was decorating her title page...

And at the end of our first day, this is what the room looked like and how it stayed over night too since I fell asleep on the lounge at 8.30 last night after reading a half a chapter of Heidi. We have started letting the kids play quietly with blocks during Bible reading/read-a-loud time and it seems to be working much better for our (very active kinesthetic) kids! :)

We have had Bible time, chores and maths work already this morning and Liji read his first book using a little phonics program i got last year. Its very basic but he seemed to really like it and that's what matters to me! He was so excited he said, "Eth sit on the lounge. I'm going to read to you!" and he did! Yay liji!

The kids are just brushing teeth and getting themselves ready (hence why i can quickly post) before we all head off to my first maternity clinic with all 3 kids! We are taking the fidget toy bag (did i mention i MADE those bags byslef!?! lol last mention of it!!!) and there is an incentive for an iceblock in the park if we all obey and sit quietly. :) I am hoping it goes well!

We are now 26 weeks and only (roughly) 99 days until we get to meet our little princess! I can't believe that! I remember how quickly 100 days went to Anth's wedding. I remember staying the night in Croydon and you telling me Anth that there was only 100 days until the wedding and that just flew by! Gosh that seems like a lifetime ago now hey! That's almost 7 years ago hey mate!

Must fly :)

And thanks again to everyone for your support and prayers during this time.

Oh and my mobile is not working so if anyone has texted/called lately sorry i haven't gotten it. Just in case anyone has.

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. Our special first-day-of-homeschool celebration dinner last night!

2. A great deep sleep :)

3. The learning room

4. Psalm 121

5. Having time to myself yesterday afternoon to buy a couple of things and take a breather. Love you Brett!

Lus x


Anonymous said...

Hey lusi, you mentioned 'fidget' toys and I know Sue Larkey was in a process of finding a new name for them last year. I call them 'sense' toys, short for sensory and because they help the kids make sense of their surroundings. It's amazing how they seem to help most kids concentrate.Love Gail [and yep, I had sent you a txt, but just to wish you well for yesterday.]

lusi said...

Oh thanks mate so much for the text even though i didn't get it! (lol!) and i love the name 'sense toys' - the therapist Liji was seeing called them 'calm toys' but for some reason we just couldn't get the name to stick. Might try 'sense toys' from now on! Thanks for the suggestion mate :)
Love to you!
Lus x

Sharmaine said...

Hi Gorgeous, Its been way too long since I visited your blog, life is full!!
Just wanted to say how wonderfully relaxed life 'seems'. It is so lovely to see and I pray thanks for the path you guys are on.

Rebecca Vavic said...

Hiya love...
So good to see all these BIG happenings for you and yours.
You are doing so wonderfully.
Much love to you sweets.

ffordd y drindod said...

hi mate. love catching up on your blog. let me know if I can help in any way. i would love to part of the learning experience. less than 100 days hey? i know she'll be gorgeous and I can't wait to see her - even on skype! Love to brett and the three hard workers.


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