Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So today's clinic appointment went really well - i get to see a new ob which is nice and he also has four children. The kids were pretty good and only needed a couple of friendly reminders to sit nicely on the floor. It's a tiny room! I'm measuring 27cm for the fundal height and she is still lying transverse. Her heartbeat was lovely and strong and there's been lots of kicking today!
So off we trotted to the park eating icepoles (not completely a 'safe' diet option but its a compromise for us which works as a treat every now and then!) and I had packed some library books so I read those aloud to the kids in the shade while we slurped the sweet stuff down :) They really loved that and I did too.
We then took a little walk around the creek and saw a kookaburra sitting nice and close- very tame!

A little trip to KMart proved too much for us all and there was lots of stern-mumma-voice in the car despite it not being completley their fault. I must say i could feel it building today for some reason that I'm not quite sure - this little swell of frustration and anger.

Most of the afternoon was great - more reading/exercises for Liji who wrote two words on his own in his little work book - seriously this is a HUGE achievement for one who really struggles to sit still even for the shortest time. He was so happy and read the book aloud to Brett when he got home.

All the kids painted this arvo - Stassi painted an observation from the creek and made brown paint by herself. Liji took to his paper with paint and was armed with a scourer and he experimented with different textures. Stass collected some stuff from the garden and painted with those. She also did her first pages in her Pd/H/Pe book (I'm using Rod and Staff for this one and it looks great - thanks Sal for the mention of R&S). The kids watched Pollyanna tonight while dinner was cooking and after tea they started cleaning up outside. I really lost it with them for no particular reason - i was just getting more frustrated by the second! Anyway, I cried, they cried. I cuddled. They cuddled. I apologised to them and asked for their forgiveness for not having enough self control and taking out my frustrations on them. They were all so beautiful and gracious and they apologised too for pushing the limits a little too far. We all agreed we would try harder tomorrow. And I think everyone prayed about it in our evening prayer time.

We all enjoyed big snuggles on the lounge and I read another chapter of Heidi to them while they calmed down and played with the blocks. We finished with prayer and praise and they all tottled off into bed very happy.

Ah life hey! We are adjusting. I'm not perfect hence why i even bother to share my naked awful-ness with you all in blogland. I share because i think we should take time to be real. That's not to say that everything else i share is fake - it's not. We have an amazing family and I honestly feel so blessed in our daily life. But there are moments that happen. If I get angry then it is really important to me (to us) to tell the kids we are sorry and were wrong and that we don't want to do that again and then really aim to avoid it the next time! I hope they grow up to treat others in the same way.

Thank you for your prayers during this week as we adjust :)

Lots of cleaning, folding and sorting (and watching cricket!!!) here tonight!
Lights out now - night night :)
Lus x


Kaz said...

How refreshing Lus, to read that you "loose it" sometimes too. I always read how organised, happy, loving you are...you teach (and sew), help others, cook, organise and socialise all the time (did I mention, sew?). I always wonder how you do it all and on top of that with one growing inside of you....you truly are amazing.

Kaz :)

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that you 'tell it like it is' is such an encouragement becoz inside we, the other mums, breathe a sigh of relief that we're not the only one having a bad day. But then you go further and help us remember all the little things to be thankful for.
Lus, you are like a really good song writer who sums up all your frustrating emotions, but doesn't leave you there in the muck of if, but by the end of the song, points the way out... to God! Except the music is photos :)
Bless you today Lus and be encouraged that the decisions that you make are building the kingdom in your kids. Every obediance step you make, is one more building block to make it easier for them to know within their core, the complete love of God for them.
And in doing that and writing about it you are blessing SO many others.
You are an AMAZING woman of God :)

luv bindi

lusi said...

Hi Bindi,
So good to 'see' you round mate! Have been thinking of you and hoping that all is well your way :)
THANKS SO MUCH for your encouragement - it means alot to me especially when the doubts creep in and you wonder why you are doing what you are doing. This week has been alot like that and although i know we are doing the right thing it's just lovely to have someone like you comment like that purely to encourage my heart.
Love to you my web friend and sister!
Lus x

lusi said...

And Kaz - thanks so much to you too! (and thanks for the sewing reference!!!!lol!)
Love to you as well matey :)
Lus x

Mel said...

Don't ever doubt that you are alone in losing it !!! We all do...some people are just less comfortable admitting it!!And don't ever doubt that you are doing a wonderful job...you are an absolute inspiration to so many !!
love you!


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