Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby steps....

Hey thanks everyone for your loving comments - lol Sumi! I had flashbacks to Cryodon and so appreciated your comments mate :)

The morning breakfast conversation was gorgeous...

Elijah: So what's God's first name?
Stassi: Ah, GOD
Elijah: And then what's his middle name?
Stassi: Jesus (said with a 'ah duuuur' kind of tone)
Ethan: Oh yeah Stass? Then what's his wast name?
Stassi: It's Holy Spirit!

Most of the day was great - Math-U-See (the maths program we are using) was easy to follow and as we have gone back to the base level, Stass was very competent with it. Great for her confidence level. English work was also great using the English book we got from Aussie Homeschooling Supplies - easy to use and follow. Stass enjoyed it. She also took her first Spanish lessons today and didn't want to stop! It's a great little program and she seems to love it. She enjoyed independent (but supervised) work on the first of our A-Z themes which she chose - Australia. She printed off maps for her and the boys and they all circled Sydney. She wrote some other facts she found out while i showed photographs of Australia to the boys from a great book i won as a kid. I love that book! Ethi was very interested but Liji not so much. He did write the whole word 'Australia' by copying the map and was VERY excited at his letter formations - I was too! He got very frustrated very quickly with the plane construction kit that i bought (which i thought he would adore) and so that set him up for lots of little angry outbursts. It was hard to have all four of us in a very small room and Brett said when he got home that maybe we may even need to convert the toy room (which is much bigger) into the learning space. It almost seemed like Liji was feeling too boxed in. So i ditched some of the other planned lessons and decided to let the kids have free play time instead. They did more of the plane construction with Brett when he got home, made aeroplanes from craft items and played The Bug Game together.

I know there is a balance to be had between book work and hands on, between play (which in itself is a great form of learning) and sitting still time listening to books and the Bible. There is a balance for my particular children in our little family and I am going easy on myself while I learn how to strike it. I know the Lord will lead me to it and today was the first little baby step into this whole new world.

It is still exciting. There will be adjustments made. There will be errors. There will be corrections. There will be joy. There will be tears. There will be triumphs. Today there was almost all of these just on its own!

Baby steps forward :)
L x


Anonymous said...

Love your honest approach to your schooling adventure, it is that attitude that will ensure its success. Well done on your first day, I'm sure each day will bring it's own challenges and rewards and that's just how it should be.Love Gail who has been thinking of you all today.

Sumara said...


Oh Lus I have tears in my eyes reading about your big day! Maths and English and Spanish and Australia! Yay!

Stassi - what a fabulous idea to choose Australia! You're going to do so well, I can just tell.

Liji copying that whole word is amazing! Good work Liji!

Isn't it wonderful that Ethi is interested already, he'll be learning so much without anyone even realising.

What kind of language programme are you using for the Spanish? Talitha's really fascinated by languages and I'd love to get her learning something.

I'm glad to read you're taking it easy on yourself. You know what - I bet that that balance you need to find will be constantly shifting anyway. And you will do a brilliant job of catching it and going with it.

*big fat squishy excited hugs for all of you*

Zarna said...

Congrats on your first day!!! You are doing something I don't have the right temperament (and even at this early stage I think i can safely say neither does C - we would spend too much time butting heads lol) to ever do and I admire that in you!!

Sal :-) said...

Great first day Lusi!! :-D

And I love your last paragraph, reminds me so much of when we started. And just shows the heart you have to embrace this and "go with the flow" that is home schooling :-D


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