Monday, January 26, 2009


1. Some friends dropped by for a little visit this morning and gave us a gorgeous bag filled with all sorts of lovely and very useful things for our bubba. Thanks so much Pam!
2. Stass was interested as to why we have Australia Day this year, so I read some of the story aloud to them using the "Story of Australia" and they really got into it. We printed off three flags and had a look at which colours go where. They really enjoyed colouring it in. Liji has had a couple of really difficult days lately - lots of 'stimming' (stimulatory behaviours due to a sensory defensiveness) so we decided to just stay home and keep a low profile today to see if that might help him. We were supposed to be at Kaz's bbq but hope it was great anyway Kaz!
3. Brett cooked the meat we were planning on taking to Karen's at home on our bbq while the kids had fun playing in the backyard.
4. Sparklers at night were a lot of fun! The kids really love 'em!

We are currently re-arranging alot of the main areas in our house! A big undertaking (i'm not moving anything by the way!) as it involves lots of planning so we've enjoyed doing some of that too over this long weekend.

Night night :)
Lus x
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ffordd y drindod said...

That photo of Brett is just so full of Australian icons. Brownish grass, the blue pool, the neatly arranged snags...I love it! It should be a postcard...

jess said...

HAppy AUSSIE Day Lus!!!

LOVE the photo of brett cooking the snags on the barbie! And i especially love that you can see your three little munchkins loving the swings in the back ground! Classic!!

Xx Jess

Anonymous said...

The BBQ was fab. Sorry you didnt make it:( I cant believe that your bbq is identical to the one we just replaced!!! Brett would have fit in perfectly with his Aussie gear - on ya mate!!!

Kaz :)


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