Sunday, January 25, 2009

From a Homeschooling Mamma of 17 children...

17 children.
I know -how amazing hey!
I just really enjoyed reading her account of a homeschooling day :)
Here's the link:

10 things I am thankful to you for today Lord:

1. Icecreams
2. The book of Jeremiah
3. Brett letting me sleep in till 9am today! Thank you Lord that he is so compassionate to me.
4. That Liji testified this morning to you answering the kids prayers over the pain in his cut finger yesterday. "God healed me!"
5. That we live in a physically safe country - thankful for the freedom to be a Christian, thankful for the freedom to worship with other believers as we pray for those to be strengthened in the persecuted church across the world.
6. The Joseph dvd
7. Your Peace in our home
8. My photo boards on the wall
9. Brett being so handy and being able to fix issues with the car and having 4 days off to do so!
10. The kids kissing my tummy and saying good morning to our little girl :)

Hope you have a great rest today on Australia Day!
Lus x

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Rebecca Vavic said...

Love to see all that you are up to gorgeous woman...

Mmmm... show us some preggo photos..... PLEASE hottie!

Love that bag you made - super cute.

Will call you soon.

Hugs and love to you and your clan.


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