Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Brett was fortuate to be able to swap his rdo to today so that I could go and have my blood test and consult with the haematologist. Everything is great! Praise God! I will continue with regular monitoring of my platelets but at this stage as long as they continue to stay high, all will be fine for labour. Yay!

So Brett said that he would 'school' the kids today while i enjoyed some time on my own which i appreciated so much! We really don't have many big shops around here so i took advantage of being there and bought a couple of things that we really needed.

When I was gone, Brett did a good couple of hours gardening with the kids. They weeded a garden in the front and then made a little garden border and added some beautiful plants; one for each child!

He also led her through her maths lesson, explained a nature find-a-word and encouraged her to put the states of Australia (a great jigsaw we have) into the board from largest to smallest state.
Of course there was lots of playing with daddy too! And even some silent resting time.
He cooked dinner so that it was ready for us to take up to the pool for a mother's group birthday celebration for Shona and Amelia. We had a lovely time up there with all the families.

I managed to get a new needle for my machine (the one that you recomended Kaz - THANKS SO MUCH FOR THAT!) and the sewing ladies Vicky & Louise were so helpful and kind. I'm hoping I might be able to take a class there. And tonight I finished sewing two bags! Yay! No more metal on metal sound! When we changed the first needle, it was really bent! Will show some pictures of the new bags another time.

I also managed to get to a couple of op shops today and got a whole new outfit (not as easy shopping for maternity in op shops!) for $8! Praise God! A great skirt and a top too. Both are really comfy :)

5 things I am thankful to you Lord for today:

1. Brett's desire to want to help with homeschooling as we partner together to raise our children in your ways Lord God
2. Cold skim milk milo's
3. Educating the Whole Hearted Child - this has been an encormous encouragement to us
4. The book of Proverbs
5. Kaz's help with fixing the machine! And the wonderful ladies I met today too in the shop.

Love to all,
Lus x

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lus

Whats the go with the date on this post??? Glad you got the needle and the machine is working fine. Did you find out about Australia Day yet?

Kaz :)


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