Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I really like THIS SKIRT PATTERN . My lovely friend Sumi made one of these for her beautiful daughter.

I think I want to make one.
I WILL make one soon.
Well, I will TRY to make one soon :)

Thanks for the link to it Sum :)
Lus x

Oh and Mell Mallin, will try and call you tomorrow :) Thanks for checking in and seeing how we are. Love to you guys!


Christine said...

I made 3 of these skirts for Bridget last year, and I can't sew at all! It truely is the easiest thing to sew. If you choose a fabric that has lines or squares it's even easier as you just cut along the lines. If you want it fuller you just use more fabric. It will take you about 20 minutes to make this skirt, easy-peezy and Stassi will love it! If you are teaching her to sew she can make some tiny ones for her dolls!Before long you'll be making them for all the little girls you know :)

Say hi to Mel Mallin for me!

love Christine

BTW, have you been to "ribbons and rainbows" in Blackheath? You'll go nuts over the fabrics there...

lusi said...

Thanks Christine for the encouragement! I am so keen to have a go - just need the right material i think. Thanks for the tip about the patterns with lines/squares too.
I went to Ribbons and Rainbows a couple of years ago but i think another visit is in order!
God bless,
Lus x

Tiffiny Lee said...

Hey Lus, just stopping in to say hi, love your cool banner, wish I could work out how to do something as good as that, mine is soooo basic, but I love the photo. Counting down till the new arrival, will keep in touch, Tiff :o)

Foster Fam said...

I too recently got a sewing machine and I can't sew for anything... I made 2 of these skirts for Riley and they worked!!! So easy, even for a sew-phobe like myself.

Deb said...

Thanks for the link, Lusi. Love that skirt and have the perfect material so I just need some ribbon to finish. I've been sewing for a while and this should be really easy. Can't wait to see your version.

Jasmine said...

This is a really easy pattern for beginners Lus - I'm sure you'll do great with it!

I think I'll make some for my little princess - she only likes to wear skirts and dresses these days lol. So a few more will come in very handy!

Jas xx


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