Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We are off to go to Liji's blood test in a minute (he's fine) but i wanted to record for our own family record how lovely it was for both Brett and I to hear him ask if Stassi could come too to hold his hand. It's such a change for us to hear this kind of thing (oh and Stassi was begging to come and see her 'brave brother') and I see how the Lord is preparing the kids' hearts towards home schooling already and spending more time together. The less TV they watch, the more they interact (some days there is of course more fighting but we are working on that!) together. This morning stass and eth work up earlier than the rest of us and by the time we were all up, they had made up a game together out of foam puzzle pieces on the floor and had rules about how the game worked. I love it!
Brett and i stayed up last night and started really getting into the organising of the learning room. It really is starting to take shape which is exciting! When we told the kids that we had stayed up and done that last night, they all said at once, 'oh thanks mum and dad!!!' it's so lovely that they are appreciating what's being done for them and us as a family :) I am thankful for their thnakful attitudes :)
We are off now and then will be doing the week's shopping together.
Later Stassi is making her 'thanks for being my friend' cards to give to her classmates which is our alternative to Christmas cards.
The kids and I have been having little planning sessions about what our end of year family party will look like. This year we've decided the theme will be love and the symbol will be hearts of course.

Congrats to Jake, my lovely friend Karen's son, who was named School Captain. I know you must be so proud mate!

5 things I am thankful to the Lord for today:

1. Glimpses of the kids really loving each other
2. Mell Mallin asking me round for a cuppa today - love you sweet one :)
3. Fantastic fellowship with Heiko and Lori
4. Menu Planners! and the Failsafe cookbook by Sue Dengate leant to us by Lisa
5. Time with Brett to sort out the learning room

Lus x


Kaz said...

Thanks for the congrats Lus. Proud doesnt even touch it (sigh) but then I was proud that he faced his fears in the first place and spoke so well. We are all chuffed.

Hope Liji's blood test went well and that he was really brave :)

Oh and I found an album.
Hope to chat soon.

Much love
Kaz x

Christine said...

I HS friend of mine is reading a book called "Making brothers and sisters best friends" at the moment, here's the link to the website
(you'll have to do a search if you wanted to buy it in Aus.)
I haven't read it yet, and your kids might be a bit young, but I thought you would enjoy reading the website!
P.S Liji is a very brave boy :)


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