Wednesday, December 10, 2008

just to add..

So almost 9 viles of blood later, our brave Liji's tests were over. I was so glad to have Stass there. When Liji started crying, Ethi went out in sympathy and of course I was holding Liji and couldn't comfort Ethi in the armchair on the other side of the room. I asked Stass to go to him and she stood wih him rubbing his hair and cuddling into him like a little mother. She was fighting back the tears too but was reassuring Ethi with all her might. What a blessing to have her there to help me. I couldn't have done it so calmly without her there. Thank you Lord for ordering our family in the perfect way!

Liji was very distressed afterwards. Most children would be! But even more so for a child with Autism - it really traumatised him and took a lot to come down from. Once upon a time, like pre-diagnosis, I would have just told him to stop carrying on after a while. Really I would have. Having 3 children within 3 years taught them and us that there really wasn't much time for full on whining! The only problem with that is that he really does not have the same abilities to process information or to emotionally self regulate. He is getting better DAILY (praise God!) at these things and with the diet he is on plus of course, our number one tool - PRAYER - we are seeing great changes! But the fact remained today that he was really traumatised.
So I made the decision to calm him (with his special interest) by taking all my 'brave children who I am very proud of' out to a cafe for some hot chips for morning tea. It still took most of the time in the cafe to calm him down (stimming, very wired, etc) but we managed it and they really enjoyed it :) It was a very misty day here and as we sat in the cafe snacking on the warm fries, I felt so blessed to be surrounded by my gorgeous brood and having little princess moving inside me. Perfection! Actually perfection would have been if Brett was there with us but hey some one has to work! lol :)

I stuck to the original plan of going shopping since he had started calming and also since he doesn't cope well with plans suddenly changing, and they all did marvellously! The whole trip (for a complete weeks shopping) took just over an hour. They were each promised a little treat (around the $2 mark) if they were not counted to 3 for anything or for not breaking our family rules which constitutes as an 'automatic three'. They all know what is an automatic three in the shopping aisles and I reminded them again about our little deal before we went into the shop. Each child helped collect items when asked (a blessing being on a restricted diet is that they know which brands we get each week!). When I got home, Brett was there (yay!) and was a gem carrying all the shopping in.

I spent a lovely afternoon resting on the couch (feeling a tad queasy) and snuggling with little ones under the blanket. Stass and I then went up the street again to get some movie vouchers which I bought for each of Stassi's teachers and the preschool director (plus their partners) to say thank you for a fabulous year before we leave the school to home educate next year.

Brett was a darling and cooked most of the dinner since I have been resting tonight and then wanted to bake a new recipe he found in a cooking mag. It's a coffee tea cake and smells delish!

Lus x


Sumara said...

Well done Liji! I'm glad you had such a nice afternoon after a stressful morning.

We've had stressful doctor visits lately too. Talitha had some vaccinations yesterday, and was SO brave getting the needles, not a bit scared and said it didn't even hurt until a few seconds after it was done. And Beryl had to have a throat swab done for a whooping cough test - meaning a long cotton tip thing stuck right down her throat - and she was very brave, too. (she' smuch better today, btw, and I'm thinking the test will probably come back negative)

They're tough, these wonderful, inspiring kids of ours. :)

Rebecca Vavic said...

WOW...what a day :)
Your little Stassi is such a darling hearted girl.
Big hugs to all of your kidlets and I hope Elijah is feeling much better.


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