Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Family Devotions

A little while ago I shared about how we had been doing devotions with the kids at night and getting them to draw about something in the chapter we had just read. They have really enjoyed this.
Last week Brett wanted to introduce something new. I had picked up this pack of Bible Trivia questions not long ago which I am really loving going through - am learning lots as we go! Anyway, Brett suggested that we take one card out over the evening meal when we are all there as a family and then he would ask one of the questions on the card. It doesn't matter if no one knows the answer because he then looks at where the passage is in the Bible and reads that portion to us from the Word of God as we eat together. The kids have been really getting into this and asking for more questions and more reading. It's amazing how our hunger for God and His Truth can begin at such a young age.

The other morning I had gotten the kids their brekky and Ethi almost yells out, '105 mum 105!!!' I asked puzzled, 'what's 105 mate?' and he said, "the Psalms'! It was so lovely that he (at barely 4) is keen to have God's Word read out as we start out our days. I'm glad that we have started this now (never to late!)

And yes, it did follow with this....

Liji: No mum, not 105 do 113
Ethi: Nah Wiji, I already chose it
Liji: Mine's better than yours
Ethi: Is not

Ok so you get the drift...what I'm saying is that we are flawed human beings, all of us and yet there was still something so refeshing, as I sorted out their squabble, in being able to turn to the Word and read both their Psalms of choice that morning. God's Word is Life to us. Even when you are 4 years old. Especially then.

Brett and I went to Penrith today and grabbed a big bookcase for the learning room. On the way there and back we listened to two cd's that Lori's gorgeous sis Sal leant us. They are Sally Clarkson speaking from I think a 1996 conference on Home Education. There was so much great stuff in there - we both kept pausing it when something needed a little more discussing or if we wanted to say how we thought it applied in our home. What an exciting new journey we are on together :)

5 things I am thankful for today:

1. God's provision in being able to allow us to buy that bookcase
2. All of us going swimming this afternoon
3. Cold water
4. Me and Brett learning about homeschooling and our faith together
5. The Bible Trivia cards

Lus x

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