Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Album is Almost Ready!!!!

I'm so excited!!! The album that I've written and have been working on with my dear friends Heiko and Lori...IS ALMOST READY TO GO LIVE!
We will hopefully have the album available for purchase on iTunes this week along with a blog and Facebook page just for our band!
Please stayed tuned; I'm so excited to be able to finally share the music with others that has been in our hearts for so long.
I'll let you know when it's up!
We really pray the music will be a blessing to many people.
Thanks everyone for your support :-)
Lusi x


Chrissy said...

Truly excited for you!!! What a blessing it will be for us all I'm sure, I can't wait. :)

MommySetFree said...

I am excited and looking forward to it!

MommySetFree said...

Lus, Will you email me? I have lost your address (my computer crashed and everything was lost).

I am not able to read blogs much in this season. And it very hard to post on my own. :-)

I am looking forward to your album though! i want to get one as soon as it comes out!

Your security system on the comments is REALLY giving me a heard time. I actually failed it 7+ times!! IF your comments have lessened in this season - that might be why....or I might be fading fast in my intelligence..which is HIGHLY likely! :-)

Love you bunches from the other side of the world! p

singing mama said...

ooohhh so so exciting, I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Luv Donna


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