Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This Year...

This year has given me lots to think about.

This year...We bought a house that we thought we could give a coat of paint to, fix the roof a little and then move in. Nope. 6 months on, we're still fixing it up and still enjoying being where we are until it's finished.

This year...Zippi was officially diagnosed with Autism. And even though I said that I thought she might be when she was 5 months old, it's still been something I've had to get my head around, adjust my mind to and continue to just love that beautiful girl of ours through it all.

This year...We went to Fiji and I was once again humbled. Humbled greatly by how very few physical possessions people have and yet how love, faith, generosity of spirit, community and kindness continue to reign supreme. It has definitely made me think again about things we have yet don't need and how freeing it is to live lightly.

This year...I heard of the tragic passing of little Elijah Rainbow Fisher. We met the Fisher's last year and although we haven't stayed in close contact since then, my mama heart has absolutely broken for them over the loss of their precious son. I'm definitely trying to cuddle my kids a little tighter these days as I sob from afar with Lauren and her family.

This year...our perfectly good car got hailed on and although we didn't want to, we had to trade it in (insurance) which led to a bit of a surprise...a bus! The disappointment of having to hand over the keys to our old van soon gave way to happiness over the more spacious bus!

This year...thanks to my incredibly inspiring friend Mell, I learnt (for the FIRST time ever!) what kilojules and calories mean and have begun making MUCH better food choices. For the first time I understood what an energy deficit looks like and now have almost lost 10kg's since the last week in March.

This year...our home and rhythms have been much more about survival and returning to the basics rather than the aesthetics. Things in my home no longer look as neat as they did in days gone by. When I have spare time, I'm not sorting through baskets of paperwork or thinking about home-decorating. I'm trying just to remember to clean the toilet bowl once a week, fold one of the seven baskets of washing that sit in the spare room day after day or if i get 3 seconds to myself I'm just sitting, trying to rest.

Don't get me wrong...this right here is TOTALLY the life I want to live! Yep! Its crazy busy at times but I LOVE it and know that these days will be over much too quickly.

This year...we've played alot. We've gotten dirty collecting tadpoles, we've spent many days playing backyard cricket, pani and footy, we've cheered VERY LOUDLY for our fave footy teams watching games together, we've baked, laughed, dressed up, travelled, swum and stayed up late.

I guess it's we're half way through the year now and I'm thinking about what has happened already. So much.

It leaves me feeling thankful to Yah for walking with us through this first part of the year.

And leaves me wondering what else is still to come in 2011.


Sumara said...

Oh love, you're so busy you've forgotten it's 2012, not 2011. :)

You've certainly had quite a year so far. I'm so sorry I haven't been around much for you. I wish (again) I was closer and/or richer so that I could just pop up whenever you need a hand.

One day!

Lots of love darling friend. xoxo.

lusi said...

Lol!!! 2012 is it? Far out I think I've missed a whole year! Lol I can't be bothered going bak in to edit the post...but you knew what I meant.
Thanks for your beautiful offer; I love you muchly my Sum x

kathy said...

What a year for you Lusi. This life is crazy sometimes hey. Hope the rest of 2012 brings you much joy lol (don't worry I can never remember the year or day etc...:))

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

oh please blog about your weight loss, your tips and advise.....I need all the help i can get!

lusi said...

Thanks beautiful Kathy :-)

lusi said...

I definitely will soon Leah! Xo

Anonymous said...

Yes lots happens in a short amount of time doesn't it.

I love reading your blog and catching up on all your news. Your photos of your recent Fiji holiday are fantastic.

I think there is a lot to be said for living simple life. I live very easily and happily without having a mobile phone, an i pod, an i pad, a car, lots of cool clothes, the lastest home decor, expensive jewellery etc.

Although saying that I do love having my good old desktop computer. I need it to do work, earn my salary and keep in touch with all my friends and read their blogs LOL :)

So glad you all enjoyed your holiday and got to see your other family members again. I bet they loved seeing you and your beautiful family.

Have a great week end and keep warm. From Susan McGuire.


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