Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chill out Time aka: School Holiday Shenanigans

So I bought this cute little Velcro dart board for the kids for $3.99 from Sam's Warehouse recently.

Talk about value for money!

Those cooky Velcro balls have been used on the dart board for sure.
But then the kids started thinking about what other kinds of materials the balls would stick too.

They figured Stass' shirt would work well. So she willingly stood as human target practice and let Zippi and the kiddos (ahem and me) take aim at her to see if the balls would stick to her.
Yep they did and we were all in stitches as they clocked her in the head (they didn't hurt!)

Next the boys tried beanies and scarves and more laughter followed as the Velcro balls stuck to them.

It doesn't sound that fun now but over breakfast, i'm telling you

What about you? What activities are you planning to fill your school holidays with? Outings? Simple pleasures? Relaxing at home? I'd love to hear!

Lus x


Amy said...

That does sound like fun!!! I can imagine a mountain load of cackly laughter!!!

We don't 'do' holidays!! Learning takes place at all times of the day and year that we simply don't stop. Even on weekends.

However, we are getting a new little puppy.. So that can be our 'holiday fun'..

Enjoy yours xxx

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

we are off to the park tomorrow for hot chips with friends, i am looking forward to having a rest after 3 days of decluttering! still need about 3 weeks more to do it all.

lusi said...

Amy how great; a puppy!!! We don't normally take school holidays either but decided to this time round. Couldn't agree more- learning happens all the time :-)

And Leah sounds like you've been busy mate! Enjoy your park date tomorrow!

Much love x

Anonymous said...

So far during this first week of our school holidays we have enjoyed playing scrabble, twister and a few card games.

We have done some baking, listened to music and danced around the house while doing the cleaning.

We have had friends come over to visit us and also done some gardening and craft activities.

Next week we are going to the library, visiting Grandma and seeing some movies.

I hope your all well and having fun too. From Susan McGuire :)


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