Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing for Fiji: Airport Screening Video

Ok so this will be THE last post before I actually post photos of Fiji. However, this one was probably one of the key parts of our preparation for our first flying experience with the kids.
As you know from my previous writing, one of the main things to keep in mind with Autistic children in new situations is preparation. Taking out the unpredictable from the equation can really be the difference between a smooth transition or a full blown meltdown.

One of the things that Yah brought to my mind before we travelled was how many different kinds of security checks the kids may need to go through with little to no warning time before hand. I wanted them to be prepared and wanted them to know they were still safe.

We watched this Screening Video and I believe it made a HUGE difference.

As we went through various screening checks; walking through the metal detector, putting our things on the conveyor belts through the xray machines, having the hand held wand detector waved over us, hearing the beeping of the scanners, the kids saw these things coming, they kept on saying..."Oh yeah that was in that video we watched!" We talked about the role of sniffer dogs and that we don't pat them because they are doing their job. It's little things like that, that without prep, can lead to a HUGE upset.

Anyway, I wanted to post this video because 1) i want to remember it for future reference and that it was a big part of our prep and 2) for others who have children with special needs that may find this helpful for a smooth transition for their own charges.

Ok, next post....PHOTOS OF FIJI!!!!!
Lus x

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