Sunday, July 1, 2012

I want to remember this...

Tonight, I'm sick. Coughing up a storm, swollen glands, painful throat, sore ear and feeling achy. I'll be fine but tonight I'm feeling crook.

So zippi came over and began stroking my hair and said, "I wish you were happy mum".
I said, "I'm not sad, I'm just sick sweetheart. You could pray for me if you like."
This is what she prayed, "Dear Yah, thanks mum is not better and then she gets better and zeeki too. Amen".

I thanked her and then she said something very precious.

She said, "I wish you were a baby like Zeeki mum and I could rock you".

Incredibly precious.
I want to remember that.
Lus x


Michelle said...

what a jewel, bury that deep in your heart.

lusi said...

Thanks Michelle! Couldn't agree more :-)
Lusi x

Elisa said...

That is precious. Elisa x

Chrissy said...

Awwww, one to remember *always*. :)

Lisa Jay said...

Oh that is so beautiful! Precious girl. I hope you get well fast Lusi. xx

Nat said...

What a precious, precious little darling she is... xxx

rockmelon said...

Hi Lusi, hope you are feeling better by now. Just wanted to let you know that i enjoy following your blog and your life journey. Be blessed this week as you lean into the arms of our God for daily strength. R xx

lusi said...

Thanks everyone!

Hi Rochelle,
Thank you for your lovely comment! I stopped by your blog the other day but I can't remember if I left a comment or not...i was dropping off to sleep when I was ill in bed! I saw all your beautiful handiwork; your owls in particular are gorgeous! Sending my love to you x

Carolyn :-) said...

awww that's beautiful. Hope you're all better now :-)


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