Saturday, June 30, 2012

Preparing for Fiji: Airline Videos

Our trip to Fiji saw us take 4 flights in total; one to get to Nadi and the other to get to Labasa (on another island from Nadi). Our boys & Zippi have never flown before! So in order to best help our kiddos prepare for the flights, we watched lots of different videos and talked about what might happen on the flights.
One of the things I didn't want have happen was that Liji (in particular) would get stressed about not being able to hear or see the attendant doing the safety message on the plane. I knew that if he didn't know what they were saying, he might get worried about it; especially the parts where they demonstrate life jackets, oxygen masks dropping down and such. So it was one of the things we talked alot about before we flew.

Here were some of my favourite videos for the kids to watch.
This first one was by Virgin Australia and was their all time fave.

This next one from a Sri Lankan Airline was also cool...

This is possibly the cutest one online...

This one was of some kids boarding an Air Pacific 747 which is what we were going on. It was good because it showed the kids going upstairs (and that's where we ended up sitting as it turned out since our seats had to be changed on the day).

We also talked alot about what turbulance means and also about the noises and feelings you might hear/feel on take off and landing. This vid helped show them what take off might look like out their window from Nadi.

All in all, I think we prepared them really well with these airline videos and I was glad we had put in the effort to show them to the kids.
More to come soon.
Lus x

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