Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Learning Room Space (one of the many!) for 2012

So long time readers of this blog will know that I always do a post (at least once a year!) on our learning space. Learning happens all around our house; at our kitchen bench, on our lounge, outdoors but this is the main room where we store our resources and have a designated table to work on and cabinet in which to store books and finished projects.
You can find other older posts about learning spaces from 2009, 2010 (although I was having a blog break at the beginning of that year for the first day photos) and 2011 by clicking on these links.

Anyway, we 'officially' started back with schooling on the 29th January.
Here's the room set up that morning....

{Our main learning room all set up...of course I'm sure I don't have to tell you that after 3 seconds flat, the kids take to this and LOVE trashing it to pieces making the most out of their space! Please be under no illusion that it stays like this! We aim to get it back to a work-able place at the end of each night ready for the next day but even then it doesn't always happen!}
Tradition: For me growing up, I ALWAYS looked forward to getting new stationery! Crisp sheets of paper, the click of folders, the smell of new rulers, the joy of putting my name into my pencil case! When we switched to homeschooling in 2009, Stassi, who'd been 'at school' for 2 years, asked if she would still be getting new stationery. A girl after her mum's own heart. Now some people would see that as a waste but for us, we saw that as an opportunity to bless the heart of our little girl and help her have some fun and joy in her learning-at-home experience. So now each year, I set up the learning room with brand spankin' new supplies for each child and they get to unwrap them, enjoy them and imagine all the new things they are going to get to draw/write/play/do with their new stuff!

{Ethi's place all set out}

Tradition: I always make a 'happy learning' card for each child to tell them how honoured we are to be able to learn along side them each day and how much we are looking forward to spending another year together...

The LEARNING BASKETS are all ready to go... 

Zippi gets her own place with very similar learning tools! A pencil case, fun calculator to punch numbers into, pencils and crayons and a card of course too!

{Zippi loves being included as a 'big kid' and while she doesn't always sit while they are sitting and learning, she is certainly always learning!}

Just another view of the learning room...
{You can partially see our art wall, photo board of life learning and our pencil 1,2,3 bags}

One of the main differences this year was to simplify the craft supplies. I'd always had the craft supplies down and at an easy-to-access level in the big buffet and hutch. That was fine before Zippi worked out how to get into it all! lol. So now, instead of the night ending in me having to pack up 30 odd jigsaw puzzles and sort 15 craft supply boxes out, I simply put them up high for a season. The kids know they can just ask an adult to help them get down whatever it is they are after and I know that I'm still going to be sane by the end of the night....well we don't exactly 'know' that for sure but we do hope for it ;)

The first day of our schooling year this year was a Sunday. Why? Well, Brett was heading out to the new place to do work on it for a couple of days and I had wanted him to be here to celebrate with us the beginning of the school term so instead of beginning on the Monday, we just started a day earlier! Love that about homeschooling!

He was able to pray with us and dedicate a wonderful year ahead (despite any ups and downs we are bound to face!) to Yah and asked that He would continue to lead us in all His ways.

Brett was also there to see the smiles and excitement on their faces as they explored their new supplies!

Will be back another time to do a 'week of learning' post (hopefully!) but that will have to do for now.
Hope all is well at the start of your years (whether you homeschool or not!)
With love,
Lus x


Melanie said...

I LOVE that you get them new supplies every year. That was also my favourite part of schooling growing up. My boys have never been to public school, yet I still love getting new stuff every year for them too. I think it has a great impact on them, and helps them to see how special and exciting it is to be able to school at home. I like your idea of making them a card too, I think I may have to incorporate that into our family tradions for the coming school year.

Karen said...

Love new stationery - always makes it feel like a fresh start to the year. I am going back to school after 35 years and it was the first thing I bought! Have a great learning year with your gorgeous kids.

Kylie said...

Love your space. The baskets look beautiful on those shelves. New school stationery is such a fun time of year!!

I hope you will link this up over at the All Aussie Not Back To School Blog Hop -

Dawn Stan said...

Your learning space looks wonderful Lusi. I love all the new items to start off a school year. It was always a favourite of mine and now my girls. I'm working as an integration aide now and have joined a website called teach this. It's resources for teachers, homeschoolers and aides etc. Not sure if you have seen this one. It's $50 a year for unlimited resource downloads or you can purchase per item. I have used it a lot.


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