Saturday, January 14, 2012

Update on our House Renovations

Well, quite a lot has happened since I last updated you about the house.
Brett's been out there a couple more times with his sis and dad to do more work.
This past week he was there Mon-Tue and Thurs-Fri. Thankfully, Channi and Jono kindly put up Brett and my lovely Father in law while they were there - thanks again guys!
So, the house.
Well, two weeks ago when he and Sul went out there, they pulled back the wooden panelling in one of the front rooms and found ALOT of termite damage.
We had had the building + pest inspections done but unfortunately, because it was behind the panelling, it couldn't have been picked up. Anyway, the good thing (now that I've come to terms with it all!) is that they don't seem to be active but the damage has definitely been done.
Along with that, Brett discovered this week that the joists and bearers in our bedroom will ALL have to be replaced along with the entire floor of course due to rising damp. That is another job bigger than we'd expected but it also will be ok (now that I've had my little teary about it!)
See the money we'd set aside for the cosmetic overhaul of this house is now going to have to be spent on the structural stuff that we just hadn't expected. I mean, we expected some stuff because of the age of the house but not the extent that is needed now.
ANYWAY, honestly, it's fine.
We've just need to readjust our expectations and be much more realistic with ourselves on how much needs doing, the cost and when we will actually be living in it.
It's totally not the end of the world and at the end of the day it's just bricks, mortar and beams. I know it's all relative but we need to keep things in perspective too. We have our health, each other and our faith. These are things I am going to need to remind myself of on a daily basis I think (especially after the shocker of a day we had yestreday!)
I just wanted to document my feelings about this journey along with the photos so that in time when I look back, it's not all one big blur!

Ok, so some snaps to share!
You may remember this photo I shared in one of the first posts. This is how it looked originally from the learning room looking back to the front door... 

...then this is how that same hallway looked last time I updated with lots of that wooden panelling stacked up there...

...and currently this is how it looks. Lino gone, floor boards revealed and all panelling gone to the tip!

This was how Stass' looked when we first bought the house...

...then this is how it looked when Brett and Dannii went out there and demolished the cupboards and panelling...

...and here is how it looks now; gyprock, flooring and ceilings gone to the tip!

Ok so you may remember our bedroom? This was how it looked at first...

and looking to the other wall it looked like this when we bought it:

Then last time I shared how Brett and Dannii knocked out the massive wardrobe in there...

and had taken out all the wood panelling on the walls and removed the carpet too...

Well, then this time Brett went out there he and Tony (my fil) began taking out the floor boards...

...and found all the joists and bearers needed replacing due to rising damp.
See the old fireplace that was once there? It's in the left hand side of this pic. We didn't know that had existed! We will take it out though in time as it's not useable anymore. We might need to open up the vents more on this side of the house too to help with the ventilation issue.

You can see the damage to the joists a little clearer in this shot particularly under where that wardrobe used to be...

Ok so this was Zippi's room when we bought the house...

Then Brett and Dannii removed all the carpet and the wardrobe...

Now Brett and Tony have taken off all the wooden wall panelling and floor to reveal concrete underneath...

They removed all the gyprock to find the white ant damage (this was the most damaged room by the white ants). All this wood will come off too and it looks like we'll be using steel in here instead from now on...

Here's Tony in his asbestos protetive gear...

which they each wore while removing the panels in Zip's room...

And now it looks like this; ceiling, gyprock and flooring all gone!

I've decided to post my 5 things to be thankful for again list to help me keep things in perspective:
1. That Brett is such a hard worker for our family and that he is doing such an amazing job
2. For Dannii and Tony's help out there - it means so much to us all
3. That Channi and Jono gave Brett and Tony a lovely place to stay and hot meals too; so kind
4. I am thankful for the prayerful support of my parents and our good friends
5. My beautiful next door neighbour coming over to help with the kids one night and also Dannii too when Brett was away. Having an extra set of hands here to help bath kids, sweep floors and wash dishes meant SO MUCH TO ME!

Well that's it for now.
More soon,


Traci said...

lusi, I am so proud of you for choosing to keep an eye open to the positive (what Abba allows). My family went through a situation a few years back related to our house that was almost overwhelming to us. We learned so much during that time about YHWH's strength and steadfastness. I'm so thrilled for you that you have the heart to dwell on thanksgiving. It is truly the key to all our adversities:) I'll be keeping you in my prayers. I wish I was nearby to help.

Blessings and shalom to you Lusi!

Across the sea, Me (Traci)

Chrissy said...

It's so inspiring to see how much Brett and your family have achieved already with your new nest. :) I know you have been thrown some tricky and anxious moments with it, it seems to be the way with renovating but I'm encouraged that you are looking upon it all in a brighter way, it WILL come together love and will be a *beautiful* HOME for you and your lovely family, I know it. Huge hugs and prayers sweetie. xx

Anonymous said...

oh wow lusi!!! thats a MASSIVE renovation project!!!!!! it will be all worth it in the end. hope the rest goes according to plan for you!

xxx Karen D

lusi said...

Hi Traci! I've definitely had overwhelming moments and tears but I know this is all a learning curve that Yah will bring us through :-) thanks for your encouraging words my friend! Sending you love x

Chrissy I appreciated your words too! You are right mate; it will come together to be beautiful. I can imagine it still...even if it takes a while to accomplish. Hugs!

Karen D!!!!! Hi my beautiful friend :-) Thank you for your kind comment! It is massive hey! Its good to see it changing before our eyes. I know each little thing done means we are getting closer to it being completed! Yay! All my love x

Sumara said...

Hey love,
Sorry to hear about the annoying and upsetting surprises you've found. :( Even though it'll cost more and be more difficult to fix up now, it'll be so worth it to know you've fixed it up properly and have a good solid house. Then you've got forever to worry about the cosmetic finishes. :)

Well done to the Austin clan on all the hard work they've done already!

Lots and lots of love and hugs from our fam to yours! xoxoxo.

lusi said...

Hi sum,
You are so right; it will be a sturdy house and we will have time down the track to do what we want to make it look purdy!
Thanks for your lovely words mate.
Chat soon and love to you all!

SmileyLovesSunshine said...

Lusi, the joys and the trials of owning your own home... I'm so glad that Brett and his sister and dad have had the time to work on your new home... and that Channi has been nearby to feed them ...what a blessing.
Your song for your friend Nat gave me goose bumps and I enjoyed reading some of her blog esp about 'eucharisto' -giving thanks with grace... I think this is evident in your life too.

Anonymous said...

Oh bugger!! That is so sad :( I guess that goes with buying an older house - you would have been ready for a bit of work, but this much is totally devasting! It's such a shame there is no warranty or anything - building inspections really aren't worth the paper they are printed on :( Chin up, it can only get better from here :)

Becca (Home Schooling Mum to my gorgeous little Mary)

lusi said...

Hi Delcie :) Thanks for stopping by! Am glad you enjoyed the song I wrote for Nat. She is a great encouragement to me and many others. Blessings to you :)

And hi there Becca! Thanks for your comment. Yep we were totally prepared for some work but just not this amount! But as I said in the post, it's actually ok. We know we will get there and we have just had to readjust our thinking a bit. But it's all good.
Thanks for your encouragement.
Love Lusi x

Elisa said...

Wow, that must have been a shock ,Lus. Have those teary moments and then get on with the next thing. Yah will provide! I'm positive that you all will make it a very comfy and beautiful little home for your family. I'm looking forward to watching how things develop at the new house. Love Elisa x

Karen L said...

Hi Lusi,
So sorry to hear about all the extra's that needs to be done on your lovely new home. I am a little surprised that the building inspection did not pick up a lot of these things. We both know that God did provide this miracle home for you and he will continue to provide as you seek to serve Him and grow your family in this home that he has provided for you. I praise God also that you have such a wonderful hand husband and extended family that can do a lot of this work too. Looking forward to seeing this house develop and grow into a home filled with love and the presence of God.

Melanie B said...

Hey Lus how exciting. I have been following along on your journey just don't comment as much anymore with google reader. Love hearing about your adventures. So happy that you guys have a house & a new adventure begins. I know as you trust Yah he will provide. We had some dramas with renovations/houses & I know it really became a time for us to trust Him. Love you lots & thanks so much for sharing. Your information has been invaluable to me at various times!!
Mel xxx

lusi said...

Thanks so much Elisa, Karen and Mel. Your words have lifted me up :-)
Much love and Yah bless,
Lus x


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