Thursday, December 22, 2011


 It's not really appropriate for me to share every single detail here online but if I could tell you how it all came to be, I'm sure you would be as amazed as we are, as to how this all unfolded.
Miraculous is how I would describe it.
Truly miraculous.

The short version is this....
We've been renting for our whole married life and have been thankful for a lovely roof over our head. It has been a blessing from Yah to be in this same house for 8 years and several other lovely houses before that during our 11 years of marriage. We never thought we would be able to buy, nor was it right for us to do so before this, but Yah has made a way and we are truly thankful and really do marvel at the work of His hands!
What an incredible God to provide for his children; whether that be in a rental home or in one like the one we have just purchased. It's not a 'better' season of our life just because we now 'own' a home, rather we think of it just as a new season!
And we are so excited to have this new journey together as a family.
Six weeks ago today, we looked through this home in a rural town that we have grown very fond of. Six weeks to the day later, the contracts have been exchanged, the final inspection done, the house has reached settlement and the keys are in our hands!!!!
{I won't mention the name of the town (for annonymity's sake) but suffice to say, it is lovely with rolling hills and pastures but also has alot of shops and all the ammenities that we had been looking for. Most importantly, we prayed about where we should live and this is DEFINITELY the place that we feel Yah is leading us to. It is the place that we have peace in. Although we will be sad to leave our town for many reasons, we also are looking forward to calling our new one 'home'.}
We can't believe how quickly it has all happened.
Our family and friends have prayed for us, been excited with us, celebrated with us, held their breath with us, fed us, supported and encouraged us during this time and for that we are TRULY THANKFUL.
They know how precious they are to us. We won't forget all the kind words, the advice or the way people have shared in our joy with us. It has meant so much to us all!
{We popped open some sparkling non-alcoholic wine to have with the kids to celebrate on the night that the contracts were exchanged}

{Our gorgeous next door neighbours who have been SO helpful always but especially during this time brought around a handful of balloons with thoughtful messages like this one plus party popper streamers and blowhorns for us all to celebrate on that same night. We will miss A so much when we move!}

{A little later that week, Heiko and Lori who had been walking the whole journey with us in prayer, came around to spend time together and bought some special wine all the way from Israel for us to share together!}

{Along with Hekio and Lori, so many family members and friends have lovingly supported us during this time. All their prayers and words of encouragement have blessed us so much!}

{When we went to look at this house (and many others!) Channi and Jono kindly allowed our kiddos to play at theirs for the day. All the kids had a wonderful time and their kind hospitality has been very much appreciated}

Anyway, without any further ado, here are some shots of our little home!
There is A LOT to do to it; floors stripped, walls to be painted, decks to be mended, wardrobes to be refitted BUT that's what we've always wanted!! It's an opportunity to be able to fix up, design and renovate a home all in our own way!

{Posing for the obligatory 'sold' photo! This shot was taken there last week when we travelled out to do the final inspection of the property before settlement. Sometime later we will change the colour of the house from salmon+blue to probably cream with white and black highlights} 

{Our agent handing over the keys to our fam!}

{Our agent very kindly hand delivered this lovely gift basket to congratulate us! He put in chocolates and special cheeses, crackers, semi dried tomatoes and pates and lovely little gifts for the kids too - how nice!}

{And just to prove I was there too, here's me eating lunch with the kiddos for our first meal in the new house - low salicylate rice boxes I'd made and packed this morning}

{The hallway + all the walls will be white. Can you picture an old school chandelier here? I can! And the floors here will have the lino stripped up and will be painted black then sealed}

{The kitchen will be staying put for the time being but down the track we would like to replace it and knock out the whole wall on the right hand side, install a breakfast bar there and open it up into an open-plan kitchen+dining area - you can see the wall in the pic below next to where Stass is...}
{Behind Stass in this pic is the dining room big enough to fit our 12 seater table - yay!! So glad because we use our table so often for celebrations and hope to still be able to even in the new place}

{The deck that needs some repair. Down the track we think we'd like to have the deck rebuilt with a cover and the kitchen windows which are near it might be bifolds that open out for serving and unite the indoors and the outdoors even more!}

{The bathroom which will get some paint-loving soon. Another plan down the track for us is to remodel the bathroom so it is one open and light room rather than a 3-way. Again, it's all just plans at the moment and may never happen and that's ok! How cute are the little shutters that open into the laundry linen press for dirty washing down the chute and the top shutters to get fresh towels from!}

{Looking from the lounge room into the learning room area. I really like the built in cupboards there which will house all our baskets, books, games and projects for display. Again, white walls and shabby-chic paint for the cupboards here!}

{One of the front rooms has already had carpet ripped up. The wallpaper will be stripped back, shutters installed, gyprock attached and some electrical work done for lighting I think too} 

{My view from the kitchen sink looking into the backyard and on the right hand side is a big shed, chicken coup and vegie garden area already set aside by the previous owners}

I will share the renovation journey for my own records as we travel this new path!
Anyway, have been SO excited about it and wanted to post it here too :)
So there you go.
More to come soon!


Channi said...


jess said...

Wow Lusi! Congratulations to you are your family!! What a great place! Enjoy your new journey!!
Xx Jess

Sarah Lou said...

Congratulations on your first house!!!!!!!!!! I hope it is a beautiful warm friendly home for you.!

Ps congratulations on surviving settlement!!! mine sent me a bit batty!

lusi said...

Awwww thanks heaps you guys! Xox

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Lusi. I'm so happy for you all. Xx


Michelle said...

Lusi, this is wonderful news! So happy you shared. I love your enthusiasm and your VISION! It is a cute home with lots of wonderful space - love the neat designs throughout. Praying you are blessed in this new season of your life!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Team Austin...very exciting times ahead...let the games begin! I love the photos of your very own home and look forward to sharing in your new journey. Love & blessings from the Denics xx

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Wow congrats ! That is so exciting!!!!!

lusi said...

Thanks so much Nadia, Michelle and Leah! Love to you all x

KAZ!!! Thanks for commenting mate and thanks for sharing in the journey with us. I was thinking of you yesterday when we were at the house. I'll try and call today. Love to you all!
Love Lus x

Nat said...

So exciting honey!! It looks like it has such great potential!! I cannot wait to see you apply your little decorating touches as you move in and start to renovate!! How exciting, praise Yah!!

singing mama said...

Wonderful Lusi!! I hope this new house is a place where many dreams come true and many beautiful family memories are made! So excited Yah has answered one of your dreams!!!! Luv Donna

Sumara said...

Wow, I can't believe it's settled already! SO EXCITED! Our land doesn't settle until late January/early Feb/whenever the bank and solicitors get their acts together...

I wondered what those little shutters were in the bathroom. (I, uh, maybe looked the house up online a while back... ;) ) I thought what strange little cupboards! But a chute through to the laundry is so handy!

The backyard looks wonderful. :) And I definitely agree with your idea of opening up the kitchen, and black floors sounds perfect!

It's going to end up really beautifulonce you've had your way with it, Lus. :) So happy and excited for you guys.

Peterson Party said...

Congratulations! What a wonderful blessing. You will have so much fun making memories together in your new home. Is it very far from your rental home?

Michelle, a heart at home said...

Congratulations! It looks like a very nice house. That's such a big yard too.

Heidi said...

Congrats Lusi! It's an adorable house, and I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Karen L said...

Congratulations Lusi, like Nat I can't wait to see all your beautiful little touches you add to make this house your home. I am sure that you will create many wonderful happy family memories in this home too. Bet the kids are super excited...

Enid said...

Yay so very neat and lovely...I love the learning area Arch...I just love arches... Oh my the hall is so long.... skateboard mom... :) Can't wait to see the process!! Fun times ahead!!

Karen said...

COngratulations! How exciting for you all - and what fun you will have making it truly your own. Love the size of the block.

sarah said...

Congratulations guys so exciting to have a place of your own to play with

caz1975 said...

The house looks lovely, congratulations on thisnew journey :-)

Traci said...

Congratulations Lusi! I am very happy along with you. May your new home be blessed with peace and love and health.

I'm very excited for you:)

Kaz said...

So happy to see the photos. Thanks for sharing. When you come and visit before you move? Soon please. Kaz

Lee said...

WOW - congrats Lusi! What a fantastic block you have there, and such potential with the house! Wonderful news for you all. Enjoy the renovation journey! x. L. :)

Lauren said...

So excited for you! Let me know if there's any way we can help... David's pretty handy! It looks like we'll be in NSW for a while longer, so we're available.

Anonymous said...

WOW Lusi what big news!

I am so happy that your New Year will be filled with excitment and new adventures. I hope the move goes smoothly and everything works out well and you all settle into your new house easily and enjoy your new neighbourhood.

Lovely to see some photos, it sure has a lot of space which is great.

When we bought our house we also had everything happen in a hurry so I can understand how you feel. We went to look at this house and we knew straight away it was the right one for us. The real estate agent was on the phone talking with other interested people so we had to put in our offer right there and then. That afternoon we went back to his office and started signing paperwork immediately. It was a bit overwhelming but very exciting as well.

Thinking of you all at this happy time. From your friend Susan McGuire (smiles1965) :)


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