Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making a Remote Control

A little while ago I bought this BUILD YOUR OWN REMOTE CONTROL KIT  for $7 from a book store outlet. I thought it would be a good rainy-day-project for us all to do.
Yesterday was one of those kind of rainy days so I pulled out the kit and invited the kiddos to come and construct it with me.
The kit included:
a really informative instruction sheet, circuit board, transistor, resistor, capacitor, keypad, 2 LEDs and a plastic case.
{We read about circuits from a childcraft book + another book and Ethi enjoyed looking at the instruction sheet}

{The thing I love about homeschooling is just how much I am learning alongside the kids too! I never understood any of the electrical stuff at school probably because I wasn't interested in it at all!}

{The boys placing the circut board into the plastic casing}

{Stassi used the mini screwdriver to screw in the small screw which holds the circut board in place}
{Brett showed the kids how to twist the wires together}

 {and then they had a turn each}

{Brett read out from the sheet about the wires needing tape over them to become insulators rather than conductors so that the circuit wasn't disrupted}

{He explained about open and closed circuts and battery symbols and polarity}

{the kids tried to figure out which way the batteries go into the case by looking at the symbols and self correcting when they didn't get it right straight away}

{The kids are learning how to wait for each person to have their turn. Sometimes they are more patient than other times but they are trying hard :) }

{Liji screwed the plastic case shut}

{and then showed the finished product to Zippi}
And then for the big test to see if it works...
{I think their faces tell the rest of the story!}

One working remote control that successfully operates both the TV and the VCR!

More another time,

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