Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I've got heaps to write about...

I want to share stuff on here like:

* how Liji was recently diagnosed with Irlens Syndrome and how HELPFUL that has been in understanding why he has difficulty often with his eyes
* the almost fully written up birth post ahem only 3 months later
* our yearly highlights post
* my getting-healthy-again-journey that I'm on and how much BETTER i am feeling already!
* how AWESOME breastfeeding is going with Zeeki (Praise Yah - all my prayers were answered and I've had the most wonderful experience this time round!)
* how challenging at times (and of course beautiful at times!) life can be with family members on the autism spectrum
* how we have a move coming up sometime in the new year
* the pancake recipe that I've promised to Lee for so long (so sorry lee!)

Anyway, the point is I want to share that stuff but haven't really got a lot of spare time at the mo.
I'm sure I'll get around to recording those things at some stage but in the meantime, there they are in point form for when I look back over this blog, my little journal of sorts! lol!

More to come another time.


kathy said...

Can't wait to read them! Don't worry I only posted Escrows birth story tonight (I wrote it when she wwas s 4 days old!)

Nat said...

I still have yet to do Sebby's birth post and funeral post.... so big a post hey!! And esp with pics....

Take care beautiful girl xx

The Vintage Rose said...

Just caught up on reading a heap of posts, so lovely to see what you and the family have been up to... date treats, making the remote, drawing and decorating Zippi,melted crayon art...
shalom, Delcie

Lee said...

Heyya Lusi! Thank you so much for thinking of that in all the other busy you have going on with your gorgeous family! So please do not apologise - it'll be a lovely surprise when you do post it at some stage! Hope you have a peaceful and fun-family-filled lead up to the end of the year, and fabulous months ahead for 2012. xo L. :)

lusi said...

Kathy I loved reading your birth post- so beautifully written!

Nat I know you'll get to those posts at the right time. They certainly aren't easy posts to write hey. They'll be beautiful tribute posts I know it. Love you- phone chat this week maybe?!?!

Hi Delcie! Thanks for your kind comment :-) hope all is well with you! I'll try and message you sometime soon so we can catch up again.

Hi Lee! You are so gracious! I am SO SLACK! Ok I will get on to it soon! Thanks for your kind wishes; same to you!

Love Lusi x


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