Monday, November 14, 2011

Bubble Days

I am still here :)
Just incredibly busy.
It's all good though.
Here are some recent snaps of the kids karate chopping up bubbles from the $10 bubble machine we bought recently (thanks KMart).


Trying to catch them in buckets...

Trying to catch them in nets!

Trying to stamp on them...

And really, just lovin' being a kid!
More another time,


Melissa said...

Thanks for the smiles tonight xoxo

Lisa Jay said...

Hey Lus!
Thanks for stopping by my blog a little while back & for your lovely comments. Appreciate it!

I really have to get one of these bubble machines!
Lisa x

Peterson Party said...

Aww, bubbles are so much fun!

SmileyLovesSunshine said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all. When I took little Jay to the park recently he had fun catching bubbles that a mum was blowing for her baby.

Michelle said...

Love the bubbles! Love that you are happy and the busy is a good busy. =)


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