Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Tribute to Hazel...

 It was my last visit yesterday with our friend and midwife Hazel.
We all waved goodbye at the door as she drove off and I did cry a bit.
See, Hazel has been one very special midwife.

This photo Brett took on our very first visit back in March...

We already knew Hazel before we asked her to be our midwife but our bond has grown so much stronger through this journey and I am SO thankful for that!

Early on in the pregnancy, Hazel got to meet my parents while they were staying which ended up being a lovely thing because all three ended up being present at Ezekiel's birth!
At the birth, it was like old times as mum and and Hazel felt very at home together having already previously met; love Yah's timing!

Hazel did everything in the pregnancy at home from ordering blood tests or ultrasounds to taking my blood pressure...

She was so patient with the kids and introduced them to all her gear. I loved that. It was so important to me that the kids felt included and not fobbed off and she really did include them and they loved her all the more for it...

Each visit, after Hazel had used the doppler to hear bubby's heart beat...

she would let each of the children hear their own heart's rhythm...

We enjoyed endless amounts of cuppas and laughed (and cried!) and chatted together eating gluten free biscuits...

Hazel helped in such a HUGE way with giving me information regarding the blood disease I'd previously had and attended a visit with me to the haematologist. That visit was over an hour away and she came with me to hold my hand which is EXACTLY what I needed that day! Her presence gave me the encouragement and confidence I needed in that moment.

I'll never forget how Hazel so patiently helped Zippi with her puzzles while we chatted about the concerns or challenges I was facing during the pregnancy or the anxiety I was feeling towards a successful breastfeeding experience. She was the one who got such KEY information for me in helping me understand nipple vasospasm and I remain eternally greateful for that. I know that had I been rushed into feeding Zeeki (like I'd felt after previous births) that he may not have attached well and we may have gone down that whole path again. Words can't express how thankful I am for Hazel's calm and reassuring attitude in the 24-48 hours following Zeeki's birth particularly in regards to feeding.

Her joyful presence was always so welcome here!
She attended my pre-birth celebration which was the morning of my dear friend Donna's labour at which Hazel was also the attending midwife! After being by Donna's side, Hazel then drove down here to be at my celebration!
How sweet!
I would have understood of course if she could not make it but the fact that she wanted to be there and made such a huge effort meant the world to me to have a midwife like that!

We each talked and shared about matters of faith, family and our lives in general.
It was such a beautiful time for our friendship!

...Her feet rubs were beautiful too!!!

During our birth, Hazel was there as my supporter and friend. Her touches were purposeful reminders that she was there for me in any way I needed...

As Ezekiel's head was crowning, I said, "He's crowning, he's crowning" and I could hear Hazel saying, "That's it Lusi, that's it darling, that's great!"
Then I said, "I think he's here, I think he's here, praise Yah!" to which Hazel calmly responded, "Reach down and grab your baby!"
The next thing that filled the room were Hallelujah's and lots of joyful wooohoooo-ing!

After the birth, Hazel congratulated me on and gave me special birthing tea to drink. She showed me how the cord was still pulsating because I'd never felt that before (we waited till the cord stopped pulsating before cutting the cord). She got warm towels and made sure I was comfortable. Hazel was so calm and joyful througout it all which was such a huge blessing!

We were all so glad she was there to share in that most wonderful part of the journey with us!

These past 6 weeks, while somewhat of a blur in some ways, are littered with memories of Hazel being around here ready always to listen and give me a hug!
She was here before 8am sometimes (at my request!) to bring the electric pump when I had the beginnings of mastitis. She checked in with us so often to make sure things were under control and that meant alot to us in those early days.

Yesterday she had snuggles with Zeeki and we ate a gluten free mud cake I'd baked for her.
She weighed him for the last time (sniff sniff) and he'd nearly put on a kilo!

Hazel, I cried as you left the driveway yesterday because I felt so full of joy when I thought back to what we have been through with you in such a short space of time. You have really been there for me in every way; particularly during a season in our life when we had lost so much. It meant the world to us that Yah would bring someone so kind and supportive to be not only our midwife but our dear friend too!

May Yehovah bless you and your precious family in every way, just like He did the Hebrew midwives (Exodus 1:15-21)

Although this is not the end of our journey of friendship (by far!) I just want you to know that we'll never forget what you've done for us and will always be thankful that you shared this incredibly special journey with our family.

All my love always,

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Leah-in-the-Kia said...

oh Lusi, that is so sweet....you made me cry! How lovely to have that relationship with Hazel. Hazel actually reminds me of my friend Samantha, they look so much alike! and Sam lives in Hazelbrook! I would love to read about little Zeeki's birth story , take care, love Leah

Nat said...

Well you'll just have to keep having babies now won't you Lus!!! Haha!!

She's amazing, and I've loved watching your journey from afar, wish I could have been closer!

Nat xx

kathy said...

What beautiful memories you will have Lusi. What a special time :)

lusi said...

Hi Leah! How funny Hazel looks like your friend! And the birth story is on its way still!

Lol Nat about just having more babies to see Hazel - that's what the kids said too! Wish you could have been closer too honey. L

lusi said...

Thanks Kathy!
Love to you and all your precious fam!!!

mamakokuke said...

Okay, so now I am tearing up. What a lovely tribute to what must be a truly wonderful person. Midwives are awesome! Even my husband prefers midwives to OB's (if you knew him this will shock you). Congrats on your new blessing. You have such a beautiful family!

Channi said...

what a beautiful tribute for a wonderful lady. All of you having babies are very blessed to have Hazel! May she also be blessed :)

jeana said...

Lusi, we want to have more babies and I want to do it this way. Everything about it is just beautiful.

You have been such encouragement to me as we are getting back to our Hebrew Roots. I wanted you to know that I nominated you (on my blog) for the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you for all you do!

lusi said...

Thanks for the comments lovely ladies :) Hazel sure is one very beautiful person.

Jeana, thanks so much for the blog award! That is so sweet of you! Will get around to reposting sometime soon. Thanks again so much for your kind words and encouragement!

Love Lusi x

Traci said...

I love all the posts on this page:) Many blessings to you Lusi, many blessings.

lusi said...

Hi Traci!
Thanks for that! You are such a beautiful sister. Am sending my love to you!
Lus x


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