Friday, August 5, 2011

This week has been jam packed...

...with contractions first and foremost!

Other things that have happened in point form for now that I don't want to forget for later....

my lovely inlaws came and cooked us a yummy baked turkey dinner here!
It was a real treat. I didn't have to do any cooking.
My MIL made the BEST baked potatoes!

It was such a lovely time together, probably our last big get together before we welcome our little man into the world!

I gathered all my ingredients for the lactation cookies and made up a HUGE batch!
I used the recipe from HERE as opposed to the one I linked to in my last post.
These are so yummy!

They didn't last too long in the cookie jar!

I froze a couple of bags worth.
This recipe yielded 42 cookies!

I went to the haematologists' this week and great news - my platelets are still so high! Yay! Praise Yah for that!
After we came back from seeing the dr and when the kids were in bed that night, Brett and I made our first ever batch of cold pressed soap together using the recipe that RHONDA FROM THE 'DOWN TO EARTH' BLOG KINDLY SHARED HERE. I might do another post on this some other time but all in all I'm really happy with the results. The bars are drying on a rack in our laundry at present.

I had some green apples that needed to be used this past week so I made an apple pie and some stewed apples (which I haven't made in years I must say!)...

We had a little family portrait of the 6 of us (thanks Dan!)...

And we had some HUGE behavioural issues (theirs) and attitudes (ours) to deal with too this week.
It's all part of the ebb and flow of life. We have big changes on the horizon and everyone knows it.
It also comes from being together 24/7 and we need to make sure we (adults) are dealing with things in a way that is pleasing to Yah (which of course we don't always do!)
Man, where would we be without His grace and mercy hey?
Oh the seasons of life.

We had a family candlit dinner the other night which was really lovely.

Hmmm what else happened this week?

I had a chiro adjustment again today and my back is getting much better which is great news. I only had to use the walking cane once this week. It's harder to walk these days but that's totally to be expected anyway being this close to the end of the pregnancy journey.
I've reorganised our loungeroom (obviously nesting!), spoke to my lovely friend Sarndra on the phone today (my phone is fixed after the landline dying which is not so great when you are about to give birth lol!), saw both my gorgeous Mel and Mell in the flesh this week for quick hugs, had an appointment with my beautiful Hazel, saw my GP and got my script filled for Nifedipine to hopefully help with breastfeeding post-birth (YAY YAY YAY!!!), saw Ben and Jas, wrote the pregnancy letter to our baby, heard some encouraging news from my beautiful friend Natti, we put up the cot, I dug out material to make some MCN covers (but haven't made them just yet!), I went to an op shop, Brett, Zip and I had lunch out together while the older kids had a MEGA blasting fun time painting at Nan and Pop's, I bought a couple more birth supplies and had a couple of sleep ins (thanks Brett you are THE best ever!).

All in all, a busy but great week!
I'm feeling like my body is ready to birth this bubba but we'll wait and see.
The big day (or night) will happen at just the right time...I know it!

Oh and finally, congrats to

Well, Shabbat Shalom for tomorrow and take care my friends,


Peterson Party said...

I am really interested in the lactation cookies. You'll have to let us know if you see a difference.

lusi said...

Will do Cara!
Love Lus x

Sumara said...

Love you guys. <3

lusi said...

Love you too beautiful Sum :-)
Lus x

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy week but at least you have got lots of things achieved which is good.

I have been meaning to say for a while now that I love how you have so many pictures and photos displayed on the walls around your kitchen and dinning room area. It looks fantastic and really makes your house a home.

I have some photos and pictures framed in our lounge room but no where near as many as you seem to have. I love the look of yours and am going to add to my walls here, thanks for inspiring me.

The soap and cookies you have made both look great, very well done. Your a women of many talents Lusi :)

So glad your back is getting stronger and less painfull, what good timing.

Have a great week end and keep safe. Love from Susan McGuire xxoo

Moira said...

Sounds like a very full , but blessed week! What a blessing to have dinner made for you by your inlaws!
Shabbat Shalom,

lusi said...

Hi Susan! You are so sweet :-) thanks for your lovely comment about the frame wall! I love my pics; just a homey kind of touch that makes me happy! I use 3m removable Velcro style hooks so I can change pics around whenever i feel the urge ;-) they are a bit pricey but in a rental we can't afford to put holes everywhere in the walls!
Thanks for stopping by and I send my love to you!

Hi Moira! I felt very blessed by their lovely meal! Shabbat Shalom to you!!
Love Lusi x

Natti said...

Hi beautiful girl, Blogger doesn't like to let me sign in, so just so you know, its NAT!! I remember to stop by your blog now and then!

Lovely family pic, I must show Greg, he will be envious of Brett's awesome beard. He wants one too, but it gets all bushy and I tell him to clean himself up! Haha.

Cookies look yum!

Good to hear the phone is working - phone call this week hey??

Are the contractions real or BH?? I better call you soon then so I catch you before Mr E arrives.

Love to you my precious.
Nat xx

lusi said...

Hi Nat!
Yes phone is working so DEFINITELY a call this week mate!
The contractions are real; just warming up. They peak and are very intense but I know they are just helping to tone my uterus and get it ready for labour.
So wish we lived closer so I could support you more through this time. Just know we love you and are of course praying for you all!!!
All my love honey,
Lus x


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