Saturday, August 13, 2011

Places to Check-Out for the Mum to Be!

Disclaimer: None of these places/people have asked me to plug them BUT I want to! I am recommending to you these places which have been a blessing to me during my pregnancy and I pass them on in the hope that others might also find these places helpful :)

Here are some of the places that I would HIGHLY recommend you visit if you are expecting or you know a mama who is and want to purchase something for her or bubba! A couple are also more information based but have been incredibly helpful too!
{Note all images come directly from these lovely ladies' websites}

The first I want to mention is FRANGIPANI BABY. This is a beautiful, easy to navigate website that the lovely Meredith (a local) owns and operates. She has beautiful slings, carriers and everything you need for babywearing. You MUST check out what she has in her online store. We bought our NEW CABOO CARRIER (FORMERLY KNOWN AS A CLOSE CARRIER) (thanks to all the beautiful donations from the pre-birth celebration I had) through this lovely website. Meredith is so sweet and happy to help you in anyway. Need an Ergo? She's got them too! She's dropping our Caboo off tomorrow - thanks Meredith!

The next is ONLY THE BEGINNING. This is a lovely website which stocks all kind of cute-bubba and mumma goodness! I recently purchased two pairs of LANAcare woollen breast pads from this website and had them delivered promptly! The owner of this website was so helpful and kept me up to date with when my package was being sent, etc. Lovely service, reasonable prices and great quality products found here!

If you are in the market for some beautifully soothing teas or baths, then check out MELBOURNE DOULA JULIE BELL'S RANGE OF BLISSFUL HERBS. My lovely friend Donna kindly gave me as a gift at the beginning of this pregnancy, some teas and bath sachets that I have been enjoying throughout the pregnancy. This is such a gift to a mama-to-be (thanks Donna!) and I recently used my bath sachet (twice!) and it was SO refreshing and relaxing. Julie also kindly chatted with me early on about her experiences with feeding and recommended the woollen breast pads of some kind so thank you Julie for sharing your experience and knowledge.

Now if you've been reading this blog for a while, you will know the person I am going to introduce and it is of course my beautiful MIDWIFE HAZEL. If you are a Sydney mama and are looking for a kind and nurturing midwife who will support you all the way from pregnancy through to birth AND beyond, then may I encourage you to have a chat with Hazel? She is just gorgeous as a person and professionally caring  as a midwife.

And the final plug I want to give is to a line that Hazel put me onto which is called MotherSafe. It is a line where you can call to ask about which medications and dosages are safe, etc during pregnancy and post-birth. I found them very helpful and informative.

MotherSafe: NSW Medications in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Service
Phone: 9382 6539 (Sydney Metropolitan Area)
Phone: 1800 647 848 (Non-Metropolitan Area)
Monday–Friday 9am-4pm (excluding public holidays)   

Mell Mallin PortfolioIn the market for some professional shots of your pregnancy, birth or family? Then you can't go past the work of my beautiful friend MELL MALLIN. Mell took my pregnancy shots when I was expecting Zippi and they were just gorgeous! Check out her portfolio and you'll see lovely family shots, beautiful portraits and weddings that capture that something extra! We are so thrilled that Mell will be coming (hopefully- time permitting lol!) to photograph our homebirth :)

Have you any sites to recommend for the mum-to-be?
Feel free to list them in the comments!
Much love,


Peterson Party said...

Hi! How are you feeling? Any baby news yet? Been thinking about you and hoping you are doing well. Just two weeks until your due date! Yay!

lusi said...

Hi Cara!
All is well here - thanks for asking :) Feeling a lot of contractions and downward pressure but no sign of bubs just yet. He is growing well and is head down so it could be any day :) We are ready whenever it is the right time for him to come!
Hope all is well your way :)
Love Lusi x

treebytheriver said...

Lusi thanks for sharing about Blissful Herbs on your blog. I'm glad the wool breastpads helped, I found them so helpful too. And glad you enjoyed Blissful Herb's tea blends and bath sachets. I'm brewing a cup of Breastfeeding Bliss as we speak! Thanks also for the lovely feedback you left on my blog. God bless and keep you and yours. xxx

lusi said...

Most welcome Julie! Thank YOU for offering such a great service and excellent products to Aussie birthing women.
Love Lusi x


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