Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Easy No Sew Log Cushion Tute

 I wanted to make a little cushion for baby E's cot.
I know that babies aren't supposed to have pillows in there but since he won't be actually sleeping in the cot itself, it's kind of more like a little decoration in the cot.
He'll be sleeping either with us or in the tetra bed which is in his cot which is right next to me!
So basically, it's safe to have something in the cot itself as long as he isn't going to be near it as it could become a suffocation hazzard. Disclaimer done! lol :)
 I also thought a little cushion might be a helpful support for breastfeeding.

Ok so here are the supplies you need!

* A cushion insert that fits inside a pillowcase
* A standard size pillowcase
* 2 hair ties
* Some ribbon of your choice

Step One:
Take your cushion and wrap some twine around it...

Step Two:
Take your pillow case (um you could actually iron it first but as you can tell, I didn't! lol!)

Insert the log shaped cushion into the pillowcase and leave some room at either end...

Step Three:
Take the top edge on the seam and fold down towards the middle...

...and then do the same with the bottom seam.
Fold it up towards the centre so that both edges now meet.

There should be a crease now where the two edges meet that looks like this...

Step Four:
You can kind of see in the above photo that I've already done the next bit which is just to take two hair elastics and wrap one around each end of gathered fabric to make the bon bon part of the cushion...

Step Five:
Add some ribbon where the gathered ends are and carefully remove the hair elastics since the ribbon will now hold it all together.

Place it in the cot or on your lounge or wherever!

Total cost:

$3 for the cushion insert
Old (but clean!) pillowcase that had been given to us
Scraps of ribbon from my sewing basket

Total Time to Make:
Um about 4 minutes :)

Let me know if you have a go at it or if you have already made one like this!
More another time.
Love to you!

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