Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Making Sauerkraut: Our First Time!

So you'll remember me posting about making whey from yoghurt for the first time last week and I thought I'd just share about what we did with it!

Here was the yoghurt gathered up in the clean tea towel with the whey separating into the jug overnight...

This was how much whey we got from 500ml of natural set yoghurt...

And this was what was left in the tea towel - cream cheese as both Christine and Pamela informed me! (Thanks to you both for your help and advice! I am so green at all this so it's lovely to have others help me learn along the way!)

To make the sauerkraut, cut (shred) a medium cabbage...

and put it all in a bowl (i think you are supposed to use a non-reactive bowl and I think this one is the opposite but it was the only big one I had! lol)

To that I added:
 1 Tablespoon Carraway Seeds
4 Tablespoons Whey
1 Tablespoon salt

After stirring all the ingredients around, I put them into this jar (kind of like a mason jar) and tried to bash it all down with a plastic spoon...

This didn't work so we tried the end of the rolling pin instead (which I remembered Christine said had worked really well!) and it was SO much easier!...

All the juice came up to the top of the jar and covered the cabbage before we sealed up the jar to leave to sit on the bench for 3 days...

Refrigerated after the 3rd day.
I'm keeping the whey in an airtight container in the fridge.

But I was wondering what I would do with the cream cheese and since I don't buy or eat it normally, I was at a bit of a loss!

I googled recipes for cream cheese and came across THIS ONE WHICH WAS FOR SPICED PUMPKIN AND CREAM CHEESE MUFFINS. Instead of using canned pumpkin, I steamed up a small whole one that I had here that needed to be used up and then mashed it.
They turned out really well!

The kids weren't mad on them but I'll be making them again and seeing if they will change their minds (dieticians believe it actually takes at least 10 tries of a particular food before our taste buds have adjusted to the taste!)

My gorgeous friend who came to visit that day with her beautiful munchkins not only helped me out since my back decided to give way but also suggested...

...to use some of the cream cheese as a sweet chilli dip!
(Thanks so much mate for coming up! Love you to bits!)
I made it again for Sunday's celebration using a fresh batch of cream cheese made Saturday night...

and even though this pic is blurry, I thought I'd include it to remind myself later on that cream cheese frosting is DELISH!!!
I put about 4 big tablespoons of butter (creamed up as best as I could)
with a cup or so of icing sugar
some cinnamon
and some cream cheese all mixed together to make a yummy icing for the pear cake I made on Sunday...

Anyway, we are eating the sauerkraut with our dinner meals so far.
Ethi isn't such a big fan but once again, after two tries, we'll keep pressing on!
It's just too good for our tummies not to!

Do you make sauerkraut at your place?
How do you like to eat it?

Any tips for me?

More to come soon,


Mar'ah said...

Oh, those pumpking cream cheese thingys look AMAZING!!! I can't say that I am too excited about the fermented cabbage...my grandparents forced too much on me as a kid to appreciate it.

Love the pic with you in it! Even with your back out you look happy!

Moira said...

Everything looks delicious, GOOD JOB!!!!

lusi said...

Thank you Mar'ah and Moira!
Lusi x

Mommy Set Free said...

Cream cheese is wonderful fo so many things! Spread it on Crackers, bagels or toast. You can also top that with jam or apple butter or applesauce (Move over Marmite...cream cheese is in the house!) :-) It is used to make cheese cake, and the amount of dips you can make with it is endless - just changed your herbs and spiced. I make a delicious hot artichoke spinach dip (which is so lovely in the winter time!)and my best creamed spinach recipe uses cream cheese..hmmm what else... Eww one of the yummiest dips is by usinf a hot pepper jam mixed with cream cheese! (it's got sweet, spice and cream altogether with the cripd of a cracker or crustini...my mouth is watering thinking about it! I have only ever bought that jam before - but I have a basket full of hot peppers from the garden..I think you have JUST inspired me to make that jelly! (THANKS!) It can also be used to make cheesy sauces really quickly and I love to use it when I make my DELUXE whipped cream and my grandma's Fruit Pizza....Would you like me to start posting some recipes? :-)

The pumpkin sound delish!

Hey are their blog awards for "longest comments"...because I think I might be a contender! :-)

Much Love, p

Andi said...

I am new to using kraut too...this is my second year. And I have batch in the closet as we speak...who knows how it will turn out...but it is so fun trying! LOVE to YOU and You look beautiful with your baby bump!

lusi said...

Pamela i LOVE your comments!! Thank you for all that info and those wonderful tips! I'm so new to it all and I am so enjoying learning about it all too! Recipes would be great but only if you get time. Love to you all!

And Andi, you are such a treasure. Hope your batch goes well too!
Love to you my friend,
Lus x


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