Saturday, July 23, 2011

Learning this week has looked a bit like this...

For Zippi...
Learning to do some threading with thin wire and dry pasta...

then painting it up...

...making tortillas together; mixing, kneading, rolling & flipping...

The older kids got out Stass' beading sets and had some fun of their own doing threading and creating. Ethi made me a beautiful necklace to wear and Liji made this...

The girls pretended to play mum's and babies.
Zippi is talking ALOT to baby E; she brings him things to see and 'play' with, she calls him by name all the time and kisses my tummy asking if he can come and sit with her. She pretends to take him out of my tummy and then rocks him in the rocking chair and says she is feeding him.
Can't wait to see all the kids together with him.
He is already SO SO SO loved!

I bought some large print find-a-word books for the kids since they've all shown interest in these activities and we have been doing some together. They are really into it!

Reasons I love Zingo: It's easy (so easy our 2 year old can play it) but the older kids still love it, it doesn't take batteries or have any annoying loud sounds built in and did I mention it's easy?! lol
Anyway, I wasn't sure if she would understand how to play it but she got it almost immediately!
She has a really incredible memory too so she took to it like a duck to water.

It started out just her and I playing
(in the background Stass and Ethi are playing THE BOARD GAME 'SORRY!' WHICH WAS BRETT'S AS A KID. He introduced it to the older kids and they now love it too!)

By the end of the week, Zipster was playing right along side the bigger kids!

This week Liji ended up having two teeth pulled at the dentist. Long story short, he has extra teeth already growing there (full length) and we'd been waiting for the baby ones to drop out for over a year. Our dentist is great and doesn't believe in intervening unnecessarily (which we think is excellent!) but since they have been giving him pain now, don't look at all like they are going to budge without help and also his new adult tooth was starting to become mishapen due to it pushing to try and move itself forward, it was time to take action.
So he bravely went to the dentist with Daddy and had his two teeth pulled out.
Later in the week another was almost out and I helped it along. So he lost three baby teeth in a week!

We read from Childrcraft's 'Your Body' book this week all about teeth.
We learnt the names for the cutting teeth at the front (incisors), the tearing teeth at the sides are called canines and the back chewing teeth are our molars. We also read a great cartoon about 'captain plaque' which they requested to be read again!
This week I also had a go at making our own toothpaste for the first time.
More to come on this later...

Other stuff the kids enjoyed:

Computer Time:



Brett finished up our fictional family read a loud this week 'Dr Doolittle'.
The boys read aloud 'The Simple Prince' (Ethi) and Tarzan Goes Bananas (Liji) and are both trying very hard.
Stass has now finished all ten books in Enid Blyton's Secret 7 Series (thanks to Bridge for the lend of these!) and has moved onto reading Pollyanna of the Orange Blossoms which I found for $1 in an op shop a fortnight ago.


The chapters in Pollyanna are in roman numerals so Stass was asking which ones were which. We went through them together and she got the hang of counting from 1 to 20 very quickly - we were chatting about it while I was cooking dinner and she was jotting down the numerals.
Did some Math U See bookworks this week and Ethi enjoyed using his blue book and was introduced to fractions for the first time.


It rained all week here.
All the kids enjoyed playing lego together and making new creations.
Also Zingo, 'Sorry!', marbles, 'last card' (a card game) and hide and seek too.

Thunderbirds and Story Keepers

A couple of other things that I got on top of:
* Reorganising our medicine cabinet.
The boxes went from this:

to this...

I finally laminated and labelled each box;
one for kids' medicines, one for adult medicines + natural oils etc and the other box for bandages etc.

And I realised that my birthing banner wasn't very clear in any of the baby celebration shots which was when I put it up, so I thought I'd show you a somewhat better shot (only somewhat better! lol!)
It says, 'Labour of Love'.

Well more to come another time,


kathy said...

Looks like you've had a pretty busy week with lots of fun! I'd love to hear more about your toothpaste. Looks interesting. I've been on the lookout for a natural fluride fee one for a while!
Hope your feeling well :)

lusi said...

Hi Kathy :-) will definitely do another post on the toothpaste soon. In the meantime, yah bless mate. Sending my love!
Lus x

Peterson Party said...

Fun week! Arin loves Zingo! We don't own it, but Arin has played it at her friend's house. My favorite board game is Sorry! :)
We started our new school year today. I blogged a little bit on our new homeschooling blog today and will more throughout the week. Also, I love your banner. The name of the birthing center that I am using is called "Labor of Love" :) Hope you are feeling well. So sweet that your kiddos are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their brother!

Melinda (Simply Smitten) said...

Looks like an amazing week of learning, it comes from all sources doesn't it? :) I love the newly organized medicine cabinet, I swoon over neat and tidy! Being new to your lovely blog I have to ask, when is Baby due? :)

lusi said...

Hi Cara! How exciting for you guys! I'll have to pop over and check out your new blog :-) We are seeing that homeschooling is really just life-living! May your days together be blessed with much joy and many adventures!!!

Hi Melinda! Thanks for your comment about the medicine cabinet boxes. I'm so much about having a place for everything (even if everything is NOT always in its place! If it has a place then at least it has somewhere to go back to when I do get around to putting it away! Lol!)
I am due in just under 5 weeks now! Yay! Can't wait to meet our little man :-)
Stay well! Much love,
Lusi x

Anonymous said...

Lots of great news and photos. I love reading your blog. All your children are growing up so fast and looking cutier in every photo.

I too love doing those "find a word" puzzles. It helps me to fill in the hours I travel to and from work every week on the trains.

So cute that Zippi is already talking to your new baby and wants to spend time with him.

Our family received a new baby today. One of my nephews girl friends had their first baby, a girl which they are naming Sienna. I am going to visit them tomorrow and am thrilled. New babies are innocent, perfect, beautiful, adorable and so much more.

Wishing you continued health for your pregnancy. I think of you often. Take care and keep warm.

Love from Susan McGuire xxoo

lusi said...

Hi Susan! Welcome to little Sienna-how wonderful!!! Babies are such a great reminder of God's amazing creative gift of life to us! Thank you for your kind comments. Sending love to you too :-)
Lus x

Dmarie said...

what a fun post...such cute kiddos! will definitely keep an eye out for Zingo for the grandgirls. well done on your organizing!


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