Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bubba's Changetable Area Is Ready!

We are getting closer to baby E's arrival and I am getting more and more excited and ready; emotionally, spiritually & practically.

Since baby 'E' will be sleeping with us in our room, it just made sense to have a little changetable area for him in there too. The changetable needed to be quite narrow to fit behind our door but not too long so you can still easily walk into the walk-in-robe. This one was the PERFECT size!

Last time, I jsut changed Zippi on our bed or on another surface but to be honest, it really hurt my back and I just know my limits! Bending over to change nappies all the time is not going to help the current situation with my back.

So I went on the prowl and found this great white wooden changetable at our local op-shop for just $30! Bargain Praise Yah for His provision!

It didn't come with a foam mat, so I had to buy one of those brand new but sourced it out from KMart for $20. I bought this cute lime green cot sheet and sewed it up so that it is now a removeable cover for the mat! I used the white bit that would normally be the top of the sheet to run down the centre so that if you lift tha up, it becomes removeable and washable...

I wanted to have a little feature wall nearby so here's what I have so far:

Small Ikea raw frames that I painted black (these I already owned so didn't have to buy any new ones).

The bigger frame was red and used to hang in Stass' room years ago. I had it stored away so I got that out and whacked some black paint on it too to tie them all together.

Inside the big frame is a name plaque for bubby which I made up (I made his name blurry for now so it is a little surprise down the track for my blog readers!). I made the plaque by just going into Word, making a small circle, then filling each row of circles with a different colour and then adding his name. It was SUPER easy and SUPER cheap (printed onto printer paper!) and yet I think it looks cute!

The big 'E' was purchased a few months back from Typo in Sydney for $5 and the little 'baby' word was the VERY first thing I purchased the week I found out I was pregnant with this little one.

All these items are held onto the wall with 3M removeable velcro tabs.

None of these frames have glass in them either which I like just in case one of them falls down accidentally...

I made both of the 'artworks' in the small frames. For the one on the right (see below), I made stars out of the left over fabric from the sheet. I adhered it to double sided paper and then stuck them onto some scrapbooking offcuts. The other frame says 'You are loved' and was just typed out in Word.

Here's the mobile I was working on last week which I made using the patterns from HERE I THINK IT WAS and strung them up my own way using some cane rings I bought quite cheaply from Lindcraft a couple of weeks ago...

Down under the changetable area, are the baskets with bubby's clothes in them. I used baskets we had already at home that were storing other things and after some shuffling around, found homes for the other stuff and snapped these up for bubba.

His cloth nappies and covers, boosters etc are on the top shelf while clothes sorted into different types are on the bottom shelf. I only have one size in there at the moment but have the other sizes ready to go in plastic containers in the garage.

So that's the little changetable area for bubba #5!
And maybe only 8 or 9 weeks until we have a bubba here to change!!!!
lol :)
And I can't wait!!!!

More another time,


Sarndra said...

OH so exciting Lusi! Love your change table and baskets, and the beautiful mobiles and frames youve done xx so special. I have 13 days til my due date! im excited i wake up in the night like before Christmas when you're little :-)
Thanku for beautiful email too!

Sarah said...

Hey Lusi, I feel excited with you as I look at your gorgeous change table. What a wonderful blessing! xxx

lusi said...

Thanks Sarndra and only 13 days! Wow! I'm so excited for you!!!
Thinking of you my friend :-)

Hi Sarah! Thank you for your lovely comment. Hope life is going well for you :-)
Love Lusi x

Peterson Party said...

Love it! You always do great work :)

Mell said...

Looks fantastic Lus' you must be getting so excited!


lusi said...

Thanks Cara and Mell :-) cara hope you are feeling well!

Mell will be in touch about our special project ;-)

Love lus x

Sumara said...

Ooooh. I'm coming to your place soon and heading straight to that wall to see if my name guess is right! ;)

I love seeing the way you do things so nicely. xoxoxoxo.

lusi said...

Great I'll put the kettle on shall I?!?! Lol :-)
Bet your guess is right!
Love you will chat soon :-)
Lus x

Nat said...

Oh, I LOVE it! Esp the mobile, that's FAB!!

lusi said...

Thanks natti! Love you mate xox

lisa said...

You are so clever - that is one amazing baby corner for baby number 5. I could never think of such a great idea! I love your colours, and your style. That change table sure was a bargain and perfect for where it sits.



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