Saturday, June 18, 2011

30 Weeks Pregnant and Other Stuff :)

So here I am at 30 Weeks! Yay!
So exciting to be on the 10 week countdown now (or close to it anyway!)

The past couple of weeks have been pretty full on for us as a family.
We've had a death in the family, a child toilet training, we've gone through some other challenging things that aren't really appropriate to mention here, we put on a feast for almost 20 people, and we've had my parents have staying here with us during that time which was SO lovely.
They left a couple of days ago.
While they were here duing the VERY wet and cold weather we've been having, we all went out to a fave cafe of ours for some wedges and hot chocolates...

As is tradition in our house, we all stayed up and watched the State of Origin league game with half of us going for the blues and the others going for the maroons (ahem go the bluuuuuues!!!!). We got some yummy nibbles and hung out for the night which was fun...

This will probably be the last time I get to see mum and dad before the birth of our little E man so we took the opportunity to have a couple of shots together. Stass (age 9) took these and they are precious to me...

This week I painted up some frames for the area near bubby's changetable...

And I've made a mobile of sorts using these shapes with high contrast in them. You can read about the benefits of that HERE IN STIMULATING A NEW BORN BABY'S VISION.
I'm going to do a more in depth post on how I made it another time I think.

This week I had quite a few days where I was feeling either nauseas or dizzy and I'm tipping my iron levels might be a tad low. So Brett popped up the road and bought me some mushrooms and cooked me up this yummy lunch to pick me up a bit. He's such a treausre.

Yesterday for Shabbat, we hung out at home in the morning and then a little later in the arvo we went up to do some scooter riding around a local netball court...

The biggest kid of all loves playing with his kids...

Sisters going off for a bit of a nature walk...

Other random stuff:

* While my dad was here visiting, he taught the kids how to play 'last card' and they have been playing it ever since!
* We all watched the Masterchef Masterclass the other night and when Brett saw them making saffron butter popcorn, he jotted down the recipe, hopped up during the ad break and made some for all of us! Yummo!!!
* I got to hang out with Heiko and Lori last night and discuss how our album is coming along. They are doing amazing things and we all know that it is Yah who is orchestrating it all! Praise to Him! I feel truly blessed to share this experience with such kind and caring friends as Heiko and Lori.
* I did put music to the verse that the Spirit led me to from Deuteronomy 33 which I shared a couple of posts back. It has been much easier to learn and meditate on since I can now sing it and am looking forward to hearing and singing these songs during my labour.
* Our copy of 'Hello Baby' book arrived this week from HERE AT THE BOOK DEPOSITORY. It is a beautifully illustrated children's book about one family's experience with homebirthing. It's a really sweet book and the illustrator, Julie Vivas, is one of my all-time-faves!
Hello Baby

*We got to have a lovely catch-up with some of our mother's group families this week at Lisa's house.
* Physically my back is much improved although still not 100%. I am VERY grateful though for the changes and have only had to use the cane a couple of times this week which is a HUGE improvement!
* I have been more tired this week and definitely feel like we are in the third trimester now.
* Emotionally a little down this week but that's life isn't it. Sometimes up and sometimes...well not so much.
* Not sure if anyone reads this blog anymore (hi if you do), but there you go - that's our week that was just for our record :)


Mommy Set Free said...

Silly You! If there were only 10 readers - would you still blog? I hope so - cuz I am one of them. :-)

I loved your update...I have been So busy with limited comp. Time that I haven't written our weekly family update (Jots and Tittles) for 3 weeks!! I too wonder - does anyone even notice?? Now I feel so far behind, I don't know what to write which is making it hard to catch up - but this update sure was inspiring! :-)

Much Love, p

lusi said...

Pamela, you are totally right and I was being silly! I think it's all the back of feeling a bit unloved by some friends lately and probably feeling not my normal bubbly self. Anyway, enough of that! I'm glad you to hear I'm not the only one struggling to keep up with things. I'm looking forward to reading your jots and tittles - I do read it and love your updates!
Love to you my friend,
Lus x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

I'm here! Although we don't know each other in real life, I love reading you updates! Hope you feel better, sometimes I get like that too

lusi said...

comment above should read "*on* the back of feeling..." lol

lusi said...

Thanks Leah :) Gosh I really shouldn't have added that last line; I must sound so needy!!! lol I guess we all feel a little down and unloved now and then. Keeps us human and humble!
Love to you Leah :)

Mommy Set Free said...

Being 30 weeks Prego gives you all the license you need! :-) (And I am willing to extend that grace into AT LEAST 9 months after the baby is born too! :-) Tee Hee

lusi said...

lol thanks Pamela!
I feel really embarrassed now that I wrote that and was just thinking about deleting that line then thought if I did, none of our comments would make any sense at all!!!! arrrgh! lol so it's staying! All part of my 'learning to be me!' stage that I'm going through I think!
Ok off to get some work done on my Family Planner cover. Will post later on that I think :)
Love to you,
Lus x

miasmummy said...

Don't delete that line.. I really love reading your blog and even though I rarely comment, you can be sure I read them all. (and yes, just be you. Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind!!) xx

singing mama said...

Lusi you look gorgeous in those photos! Pink suits you so much!! And 30 weeks already WOW has that flown!!! On the serious countdown now - yay!!!!
Luv and hugs Donna

Hazel said...

i love reading your posts too!!!
it's okay to reach out when it is needed, there are plenty of people ready to grab hold of your (virtual)hand!!
love hazel xxx

Carmen Bruno said...

Hi Luzi, so glad you are posting your updates! Your parents sure look like they are getting really excited, me too! If I lived closer, I'd be over at your house helping.
much love ~ Carmen (pebble crossing)

lusi said...

Awww thanks lovelies....Feeling much better today!
Love Lus x

lusi said...

Ps: Carmen, that is a very sweet offer! lol :)
Love to you!
Lus x


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