Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ventricular Ectopic Beats

Yesterday I had a little trip up to hospital to have a little check done on my heart.

Since early stages of this pregancy, my heart sometimes feels as if it is working overtime. The best way to describe it is you know when you go down a rollercoaster or over a bump in the road and your stomach kind of turns and feels like it is floating up into your chest? Well it kind of feels like that but like it lasts for a couple of hours. Yesterday it lasted for about 5 hours and so I went to have it checked out - just to make sure.
And they picked up that it is an extra beat. You can read a bit more about it HERE.
It's nothing to worry about (yay!) and the Dr I saw said it can be commonly found in pregnant women; just most don't feel it. For some reason, I can and while it is a little unsettling for those hours when it occurs, it isn't anything serious to be concerned about. Praise Yah!

So that's basically the low down. I was hooked up to the ECG machine for quite a while, had oxygen and bloods taken. Good news is that my platelet count is nice and high!!!! Yay!!!! It's my first blood test so wasn't sure how my platelets were doing but am SO glad they are so high :) Couldn't get bub's heartbeat yesterday but we did hear the placenta beating strongly and heard bubby kicking (lots and lots!!!!) So that's more good news! All seems well with bub and they said that an extra beat from my heart will not effect his/hers.

So I'm trying to avoid caffine now (when i do drink coffe it is only drink decaf coffee but that will stop now too) and just try and keep the episodes at bay if I can.

Praise Yah for good treatment in the hospital and that all is good :)


Christine said...

oh Lus! we wondered where you got to yesterday! yucky way to spend Shabbat but glad to here that you are ok :)

Enid said...

SO glad is all ok. !

Peterson Party said...

Glad you and baby are doing well. How far along are you? Will you be finding out the baby's gender before birth?

Sumara said...

How strange and disconcerting! So glad everything's okay. :)

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

How awful for you, glad you are ok! My hubby Tim suffers from SVT, his heart races to about 315 BPM and he has actually had 2 heart attacks ( age 34 and 35!) and now has a stent in his artery and massive amount of medication a day, BUT he is fine and healthy now and had no problems since, glad you could come home and be healthy!
from Leah

singing mama said...

Wow Lusi, glad you and bubba are ok!! I know that feeling - but I never get it for 5 hours!!! So glad your platelets are also high praise Yah!

Luv Donna

lusi said...

Thanks everyone for your loving comments.

Leah - my goodness! Your poor husband! Can't imagine how hard that journey must have been for you and him and your whole family. So glad he is doing well now; may he never have to go through that again! Hope you are well Leah :)

Cara - Hi! We are going to find out the gender of the baby this time. We have for 2 in the past and for the other 2 we hadn't. But this one I think we will so we can get a little more organised (even though I LOVE surprises!) I'm 19 weeks along now. Hope you are going well my friend!

Love to you all,
Lus x

caz1975 said...

Glad all is ok Lusi :-)

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

thanks Lusi, yeah it was a pretty awful time, 1st time he collasped on the floor near me in the middle of the night and 2nd one he was driving his car and I found him just out of town on the road! He felt it coming, stopped and tried to ring me, I realised whay was happening and found him on the out skkirts of town laying on the road, car door open and motor still running, I literally picked him up and threw him in my car and raced to the hospital, he was flown by air ambulance to a major hospital. But all good now, I often think I really need to start a blog, I have soooo many stories to tell about my family LOL, 4 kids in 6 years and ALL born with something wrong with them, but thankgod all have been fixed as good as new by the great doctors we have, and then Tim's story...........I could go on for ever LOL! Love reading your blog and hearing about what you guys are up too, we don't know each other in real life but I feel like I know you! Best wishes with little baby and I hope you stay well
Love Leah

rockmelon said...

blessings to you all, so glad you have good news re your heart.

lusi said...

Thanks Rochelle and Carolyn too and love to you both!

Leah - wow you do sound like you have been through SO much in the past couple of years. I can not imagine what that was like to find your husband like that on a backroad - its like out of a movie! Praise Yah (God) he is ok now though and same for your kiddos too.
I really believe that He has a plan for our lives and He is able to use the sad and hard things and make them into something beautiful. He is always watching over us and desiring our hearts to be knit with His in deep relationship. I'm so glad He has protected over your family.
Love to you Leah and thanks for sharing part of your story with me!
Love Lus x

Sarah Slaven said...

I get that to, I've been hooked up to so many machines and had to wear wires for 24 hours but in the end what they found wont hurt me apparently. It's effected by iron levels and stress too, sometimes I get it at the end of the day when the stress is all over. I had a bad episode after Sabi was born too, and you know how everything can seem worse than it is one week post birth with all the hormones and the new life you are suddenly in charge of, I was convinced it was life threatening even though doctors kept reassuring me.


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