Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Feast of Unleavened Bread...Day Four

Thursday brings us to day four of celebrating the Feast of Unleavened Bread here in our home.

Hmmmm...last nights was one of the toughest nights I've had in a very long time. Let's just say it involved a lot of Zippi crying and being VERY distressed in the middle of the night, a mama who is tired and pregnant who hadn't even gone to bed yet and a car ride for an hour in the dark. Not the best mix. The hardest part is her not wanting to be consoled. Like rocking her, cuddling her, lying with her, her with us,....none of these were working for more than say 15 seconds then she would cry and scream again. Sadly this has become a bit of a pattern for her. It's her 'brief awaking' period according to the 'No Cry Sleep Solution' book which i am currently desperately speed reading reading through. Tonight we are trying something completly different.

Anyway, because of all that, today was really thrown out basically. I mean, we made the best of it all but it just wasn't like a normal kind of day (what's that like anyway? ! lol!)

Brett let me sleep in (his back is alot better today) and praise Yah my parents are still here and are helping out lots. Brett took the kids out and went shopping for some more vegies for the garden. Zip slept for her nap and so did I. Was so good to catch up on some shut-eye.

Some of the things we ate on Day Four of the Feast...


Rice Wraps with Fried Eggs, cheese and sweet chilli sauce (yummo!)


The kids enjoyed rice cakes with tomato, cheese and a slice of turkey...

The adults enjoyed some roast beef or turkey with tomato and cheese and my homemade green tomato chutney on rice wraps...

We all enjoyed lunch out in the sunshine!


Thanks to my LOVELY FRIEND DONNA who kindly emailed through a fave recipe that I had requested, we were all able to enjoy a scrumption chicken and corn soup (made in the slow cooker). Donna cooked this for the Torah Ladies Retreat I went on last month and it was so delish! So we all enjoyed it tonight - thanks so much Donna! Mum made another 6 or so trays of homemade Matzah to go with it.

Some of the activities we did today on day four of the feast...

Well not a whole lot really. Just trying to recover and get back to feel less comatosed and more alive really!

The kids did do some gardening with dad and Brett which was lovely...

And Zippi wanted to make Matzah with mum tonight. So cute. Whenever she uses the rolling pin she says, "Rolly Polly, Rolly Polly" over and over again!

Here were the bits she made!

I found THIS COLOURING BOOK TODAY and printed off pages 6,11,12 and 13 for the kids but we didn't get around to doing it. Maybe tomorrow. Also printed off the lyrics to CASTING CROWN'S SONG 'BLESSED REDEEMER' but again we didn't get around to singing it. Maybe tomorrow. I did get to share my song with my mates Heiko and Lori! And over dinner, we tried watching The Ten Commandments. I had gone to the viedo store this week to hire the classic but they don't have it anymore so i got the newer version. We started watching it but it was too graphic for some of the kids and had to be turned off. Instead we watched the first 2 parts of the Messiah you tube vid that i linked to a couple of posts ago. We have now ordered the 10 Commandments original film.

Well, off to get as much sleep now as I can!
Love and blessings and more soon,


singing mama said...

Hope you and Zippi get some sleep tonight Lusi! Glad you enjoyed the soup !! Tired mama makes some days much harder than others. We had a slower day here too due to lack of sleep, but I know Yah sees knows and understands!
Luv Donna

Peterson Party said...

Did your husband get to take the week off from work? Last year, my husband was able to and it made the week even more special. This year that was just not possible with a new job, but he of course had/has the 1st and last day off.

lusi said...

Hi Donna, Totally agree - Yah really sees, knows and understands :) Hope you had a better nights rest last night.

Hi Cara,
Brett's off work (kind of for an extended period of time - more on that another tme) although he did get a day's casual work on Monday. He said yes to it early last week before we calculated and realised that it was an extra shabbat! He felt at peace to keep his word and do the work.
Hope you guys are having a great week!
Love Lusi x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Hi Lusi, my Jake had a rough patch when he was 2 for a bit with sleeping, I was told at about 2 yrs of age kids can have "night terrors", and no matter what I did he would not calm down, he would scream and scream, eventually he stopped doing it, but it was really tough as I had Britt as a baby who wouldn't sleep as well! Good luck with her tonight, and I hope all works out for you


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