Sunday, March 27, 2011

Torah Ladies Retreat

ETA: I'm not sure what is happening, but when I do up this post, the photos show up just fine. Then when I've gone back in to look at it, they seem to have disapeared. Can you see the photos below? Can someone please post and let me know? Ta!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I had just returned from a Torah Ladies Retreat Weekend. I was very blessed to be able to attend. My lovely friend DONNA organised it all. She had a vision for women who are walking in the joy and freedom of Torah (Abba's loving instructions to us, His children) to come together and freely share and encourage one another. What a blessing you are Donna!

So away we went with Donna having organised the accomodation and food for us all for the weekend.

Here are some special photos and memories from that wonderful weekend.

The girls...

In the big dining room...

Pretending that this might be the photo for my album (lol!)...

So much time with Yehovah in His Word!

It really was a special time that I will treasure for many, many years to come.
More another time,


Enid said...

I could see one in my feeder, but not on the page...wahh!

faelih said...

Sorry Lusi, I don't see a thing!

lusi said...

:( I've tried uploading these photos to this post 4 times now and they aren't showing up. Any ideas anyone?

singing mama said...

right hand click at the bottom of your post and copy the whole thing then repaste it into a new post box and post it again and see if that helps. Ive done that before and it worked and then of course delete the original post.

Hope that helps!!!

Luv Donna

faelih said...

Hi Lusi ~ I just wanted to update and let you know that when I click on the photo it produces the photo in a new window. I really hope you get this figured out! :(.

Sigalit Chana said...

I still don't see it, sweet Lusi =(

lusi said...

Thanks everyone. Still trying to work it out!
Phyllis, thanks for letting me know that you can see the photo if you click on the space where the photos should be. It's so weird!
Anyway, love to you all my friends,
Lus x


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