Sunday, March 6, 2011

Selling Houses Australia

Last year, my parents were chosen to feature in an episode of Selling Houses Australia. This is a Lifestyle Channel programme which airs on Foxtel Pay TV here in Australia. It was a HUGE deal for my entire family. This was the home my siblings and I grew up in; the one and only family home my parents have ever owned.

My parents are the best parents a child could ever ask for. They are, of course, far from perfect, but have loved and nurtured me all through my years and have continued to do so. They are an incredible inspiration to me. They taught me to always give thanks to God, that aside from God - family is everything. They always helped others in need and I have literally seen them, over the years, give the shirt off their own backs to others. They are amazingly generous and loving people.

So when they were 'randomly' chosen on the internet to have a house reno done, we were so thrilled for them! They are the most deserving people for something like this!!!

We helped them out during the process as much as we could. We helped them cull about 90% of their belongings. My sister-in-law and parents-in-law helped out with the kids so Brett and I could be there to help my parents sort through 30 + years of their belongings! They were self-confessed hoarders.

Since they were so poor to start off with when we were littlies and with literally NO ONE to help around them, hoarding the things that were given to them was just a means to guarantee surivial. Getting matching lamps for bedside tables were never an option....all the money they earned went towards feeding us kids, paying off school fees or helping others. So they struggled and in the process, hoarded in case sometime down the track, they may not have enough money to buy that thing again. They didn't hoard rubbish or things from the side of the road, they just didn't get rid of stuff they had accumulated over the years but they needed to so they could sell the family home and enjoy their retirement :)

I'm sure they are not the only people who have had to raise a family like this, nor will they be the last.

Brett and I have known our fair of struggling over the years BUT the difference has always been that we've had my parents and Brett's parents there for us who would never see us go under. My parents did NOT have that luxury.

Unfortunately, mum and dad were told that the show would make this back-story of theirs quite clear, but we didn't feel they did. It was also disappointing that the show also edited out every mention any of us made to God and how thankful we were for everything He had given them...since God is THE CENTRAL THREAD through their entire life's-story.

Amazingly, even after the reno, the house still wasn't selling. We knew it was all in Yah's (God's) hands but it was still quite frustrating for my parents. Then, we had our first Shabbat (sabbath) gathering here in our home and mum and dad came. They had had an offer that day on the house but it was very low and the potential buyer wasn't expected to offer much more. Our mates Heiko and Lori suggested everyone at the Shabbat meeting just pray for mum and dad there and then. Would you believe, after 17 months and less than 24 hours after those prayers, they received the highest offer they had ever had on the house and it was sold to that buyer! Praise Yah! What a miracle!
We were ALL very thrilled that their house was chosen, that the reno was done and that the house is now SOLD! Praise Yah for that!

The show aired a couple of times this week and did so for the last time last night at 6.30pm.

There's no link to the episode that I can find but HERE IS A LINK TO THE WEBSITE that has before and after shots.

This has been such a testimony to all of us that regardless of the struggles we go through in life, God is always there to look after us when we trust our lives into His loving care.

More another time,
Lus x


Jamie said...

Praise God!

nettypike said...

What a great outcome for them. All praise and thanks to Yahweh, who never leaves us! Certainly the shalom of keeping shabbat bears powerful testimony here.
Trust you are keeping well with bubby.

lusi said...

Thanks lovely ladies :)

Jamie, hope all is well with you. I was wondering if you got around to reading the 'but...' series post on Acts 15? I just remember that you had asked about my thoughts on that a while ago and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the post too! Much love to you!

And Annette, thanks so much! Praise Yah indeed! It was a most wonderful Shabbat miracle to us all :) Life here is busy but grand, thanks and glory to God, thank you for asking! Hope all is well with you too :)

Much love,
Lusi x

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog (and a long time ago your srapbooking) for ages but have never commented.
I saw the program you are talking about starring your parents - they were GORGEOUS!
Dont be disappointed with what the show did or did not show as your family came across as gentle loving and deserving people. I was really quite excited to watch!

lusi said...

Hi there Anonymous!
Thanks so much for taking the time to comment; truly appreciated! And I will be sure to pass it on to my parents whom I'm sure will be very encouraged by your words.
Thanks again!
Love Lusi x

Enid said...

Well you see Yah always take care of His people, how cool! I am so happy to know this and the testimony!

Lee said...

Hi Lusi,
I saw the ep too, and agree with anon that your parents (and yourself!) came across as super lovely.
I think people who saw the episode would have seen your parents as two very loving, dedicated, committed family people who just needed a bit of help with things in order to get their house sold. In the episode with your mum and dad I think that anyone watching wouldn't have thought badly of them (if that makes sense), but that they were lovely people who were very deserving of being assisted to have their goal of selling their house reached.
I hope that your parents haven't been comparing how they came across in their episode of SHA to say a program like Hoarders - there is a world of difference between people who have functional lives and households who have a lot of posessions (which is to me the category your parents seemed to be) compared to those in the hoarder style of situations where their actual health is in danger or their standard of living is suffering from the accumulation of items (and more often waste or rubbish) in the house - your folks did not come across like that second category at all!
I hope your parents are settling into and enjoying their new place, and I wish them all the best!!
Cheers, Lee :)

lusi said...

Oh Lee, thanks so much for your beautiful comment! I just read it aloud to my parents and they were VERY TOUCHED by your kind words. Thank you for taking the time to leave such positive feedback. They felt like they were made to seem like they were hoarders with deep issues whereas like you said, they are such wonderful people who just really needed some help! And that's what they got-praise God!-through the show.
I really appreciated your words!
Lusi x

Sarndra said...

Hi Lusi,
Thanks so much for sharing this with me. Your parents sound like wonderful, beautiful people. I didn't see the show but I can only imagine how distressing it must have been for you all to not have support, to feel rushed through the process, and then disappointed afterwards watching the show. As the other girls here have said, I'm sure they only came across in a positive light as deserving and loving people. I am so happy to hear they are now happily living on the coast.
Thank you so much for sharing your story on my blog.
XXx Sarndra

P.s i just saw the photo of your nursery here in the background- I also have a similar white cot and wall stickers of birds and a bird cage in my nursery :-) we do have alot in common :-)


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