Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Date Night, Who has the biggest apple + a flourless chocolate cake!

For our 10th wedding anniversary last December, some very kind friends of ours gave us a voucher to go and have dinner at a lovely (and quite fancy!) resturaunt up here! We were able to redeeem that the other night since mum and dad were staying here and could mind the kiddos. We just made sure we booked a table for after we'd popped them all into bed and settled them. It worked well and we were so thankful for a chance to go and have a lovely meal out together. Just us. So special.

Brett + the kids did a science experiment this week after watching an ep of Backyard Science on ABC tv. They wanted to see who had the largest apple before their morning tea snack so they dunked it one at a time into a jug of water over a tray. Then they poured out the overflow from the jug into a glass and at the end lined up each glass to see which had the most amount of water. The thought it was a really cool experiment!

And for dessert tonight, I made a little treat....this flourless chocolate cake. Recipe from HERE.

Other than that, Zip has been waking up in a pattern at 1am every morning for the past week or so. Man, so did not expect that since she has been a 12 hour sleeper for a long time. Anyway, we are trying to deal with that as best we can (praise Yah for His grace I tell you what!)
I'm just more and more struck by how incredibly beautifully the whole entire WORD of YAH ties together; man He is creative and true to His Word in every single way!
I have a couple of decluttering projects still try and knock off this week.
We put in another order for 2 vegie boxes and will get them Friday - yay!
I am over all the political campaigning -yuck.
I am 17.5 weeks pregnant and realising how quickly time is passing!
Well, more another time.


Enid said...

Fun times with the hubb's I am so glad you guys got to go by yourself. I think we did something like that too. The recipe looks yummy! Have a great rest of the week.

singing mama said...

That cake looks SO yummy!! So lovely to have a date night!!!
Luv Donna

Mommy Set Free said...

That cake looks delish! What is caster sugar?

lusi said...

Hi Pamela!
Caster sugar is just very finely ground sugar. It comes either white or raw but basically it's very good to pour into egg whites for making meringues etc. Not sure what it's called in the states but hope that description narrows it down for ya! Love lus x


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