Monday, February 21, 2011

Just a little word...

Ihad a nasty comment to my last post (which I chose not to publish) but wanted just to state a couple of simple truths.

1. I post things on my blog that are going on in my life. The possibility of losing over 30,000 photos was not just a small thing to me. It was and is upsetting and that's why I shared it.

2. The amazing God that I believe in cares about the big and little things in our lives and that's why I asked people to pray.

3. Although it was my own fault, the bible is littered with stories of people who were fallible, imperfect, making mistakes left right and centre who THEN call on the name of Yehovah (God) to help them. Often he helps and often he let's people deal with the natural consequences of their actions. Either way, asking Him for help in our time of need is not a joke or a bad thing to do in my books.

I was able to retrieve another couple of months worth of photos today but not as many as I still need to. We'll try again tomorrow before we take it to a technician.
I wanted to sincerly thank all those who have prayed. I really appreciate your friendship.

That's all :-)
Love lus x


Mommy Set Free said...

Wow...I'm sorry you had to go through that (in both ways!). I always love how you capture things in pictures like you do. (You are inspiring me to try to do it more!) I know these moments in our lives are so fleeting. I have prayed (for you for both recent kickers!) and hope things get resolved. Try not to beat yourself up over it.

Much Love, p

singing mama said...

Oh Lusi, so sorry you have received flack about this!!! Huge hugs to you beautiful woman, and you just keep reaching out when you have needs and prayer requests. That's what living and loving together is about, walking with each other on our journeys.
Luv Donna

Christine said...

GRRRR...I bet they would never say such things to your face!

love you Lus, and am happy to hear that you are retrieving some photos.

caz1975 said...

I can't believe someone was mean to you about that, how sad. Glad to hear some photos have been retrieved, hope you can get more!! You have inspired me to get some backing up done!!!!

Sumara said...

I'm sorry to hear you had nasty comments. :( Haven't people ever heard of "If you don't have anything nice to say, dont' say anything at all."?

Love to you. (and I haven't forgotten that I said I will call you. It will happen!)

Karen said...

None of us are perfect and I can't see a problem with asking for a little extra help along the way :)
Hope you can get some more off - often it it as easy as taking the hard drive out and putting it in another machine. The advantage of having a computer tech for a son.

Reminds me that it is time to back up my photos again.

Take care x

nettypike said...

How sad that someone would take the time to be mean-spirited.

Glad to hear you're managing to 'find' some more of your treasured memories. I'm a shocker for backing up but just bought myself an external HD and put my photos and music on there.

Must say that I enjoy popping in and 'visiting' every so often to hear your latest musings. Who knows, one day I might be able to pop by and share a coffee with you.

Blessings to you and yours.


lusi said...

Thanks everyone for all your love and support :)
Love Lus x

Sarah Slaven said...

Oh Lusi how yucky for you I would be very panicky if it hapened to me, sending prayers for peace and a happy resolution.

Enid said...

I am so glad you still getting your pics out. You know just yesterday my husband told me the big main computer at his office crashed. He was glad the girl at the office back up just on the 12th, so not much was "lost". Now she has has more chores on backing up each week. He also decided to have on his private computer the credict card set up. He was not able to get payments for few days .


Enid said...

Hey Lusi you don't had to publish this post but do you have my blog address?
How is the pregancy goin!?


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