Saturday, February 12, 2011


A while ago I posted another FACT post and just thought I'd do another one to sum up some of the things that are happening or that I'm just mulling over at the moment.

Fact: I am cleaning through Stass' pink boxes today and making room for her rapidly growing collection of books.

Fact: I am reading flipping through a book called 'Unassisted Homebirth; An act of love' by Lynn M Griesemer at the mo.

Fact: I am just over 12 weeks pregnant with bubba Number 5! Yay! And am picking up my referral for an ultrasound tomorrow. Am not sure if they'll be able to fit me in so here's hoping!

Fact: I am more and more amazed each day as I read in the Word to see the common themes and threads throughout the entire scriptures; from Genesis to Revelation! It is so exciting!

Fact: I am trying to get the ahem 40,000 odd photos saved and off my laptop since it keeps crashing. Yes bad I know. It's taking forever to do but i'll get there with it!

Fact: I owe photo disks to friends and HAVE to get them done this week.

Fact: I would love to do a post about what we got up to last week with schooling but procrastinated it and instead am posting this one ;)

Fact: My kitchen is putrid right now and needs a really good clean (and maybe some yummy candles on to take away a smell that should not be there!!!)

Fact: Am going to enjoy sipping on the yummy pregnancy tea (and taking a long tub soak in the beautiful herb mix) that my beautifu friend Donna sent me the other day to celebrate this pregnancy. It was such a lovely gift and I appreciated her thoughtfulness to much!

Fact: I have nothing else that I can think of that would be interesting to write.

So, if you want to share, just post some facts about you and your life in the comments section below!

Love to you!
Lus x


Anonymous said...

FACT: I am happy for you regarding baby No: 5. I hope this pregnancy is healthy, easy and enjoyable for you. Please take care of yourself.

FACT: My daugther recently won 5 ribbons in her school swimming carnival. 2 x second place ribbons and 3 x third place ribbons. I am very proud of her.

FACT: I have done a lot of cooking today. Because the weather was much cooler I spent all morning in the kitchen cooking cakes and biscuits.

Have a great week ahead and keep smiling. Love from Susan McGuire (aka smiles1965) xxoo

Melanie B said...

WOW Lusi so excited for you. Congratulations on baby #5. What a blessing.
Fact for me at the moment I am feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the homeschooling stuff, but knowing it is the right decision for us, if only I could wade through it all & work it all out.
Wishing I could have another bubba.
Blessings to you and your beautiful family.
Mel xx

singing mama said...

Fact: I am quite tired tonight and just wanted to say I hope you enjoy the herbs and teas as much as I am!!

Luv and hugs Donna

miasmummy said...

WOW!! Congrats on the FACT that you are having baby number 5!! Another blessing for your family! x

Leah-in-the-Kia said...

Fact: I would love to be having baby no 5, but 4 is it for me!
Fact: I should have ironed the kids school clothes and my work clothes hours ago and still haven't ( its 10.50pm!)
Fact: my big girl is 12 tomorrow! Her due date was valentines day and she arrived spot on time, it is a lovely day to have a birthday and a new baby girl!
Fact:I hate homework
fact: I am going to the USA in july with my big girl on a dance tour and am excited and terrifed about going!
Fact: I have found my sewing mojo after about 12 years absence
Fact: I really hope my big boy gets chosen to take part in the China student exchange in may for his school
fact; I really love reading your blog Lusi!
from Leah

Peterson Party said...

Oh I can't wait to hear about the ultrasound. Will you be having one farther in the pregnancy to find out the gender? Have you started picking out names? So, so exciting! Will you share progress pictures as you begin showing?

Andi said...

Fact: I love hearing/reading about all the daughters of Yah being blessed with babes....truly a blessing to my heart.....

rockmelon said...

Congrats, hope you continue to feel great! Blessings Rochelle


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