Friday, January 14, 2011

Shabbat (Sabbath) Menu :)

Well, once again we've come round to my FAVOURITE time of the week; Shabbat (sabbath)!
You can click on the label over >>> on 'sabbath' to read more about other shabbat (sabbath) preparations and menus :)

I had 4 adults here today helping me clean, pre-cook and prepare and it was a real blessing! So please keep that in mind when you see these photos! Sometimes I have no one here to help me, I prepare very little and don't have time to scratch my head and wonder where the day has gone to! Other days like today, are a little more productive when I have more hands on deck. I appreciate these kind of days and the other kind too ;) The only reason I really love to prepare is just so I can have a real relaxing and restful day myself! Shabbat is a real gift to me from my loving Abba (Father)!

This weeks menu...

Friday night:
Pastrami (which we found out thanks to lovely Donna is corned beef!) melts with spanish onion, kalamata olives, tomato, mushrooms and cheese with some homegrown watercress (thanks dad!)...

Grown-ups eating choc fondue (strawberries) with a cuppa when little ones are in bed :)

Saturday Brekky:
Shabbat cereal ( a once a week special cereal)

Saturday Snacks:
Fresh Fruit
Date Scones


Saturday Lunch:
My mum's bolognese sauce (it is the BEST in the world!!!) and she cooked it here this arvo and we popped it in the fridge ready to heat up for lunch
I'll whack on a pot of pasta tomorrow to go with it

Saturday Afternoon:
We are having some friends around for our first casual Shabbat gathering!
So I made these (packet ahem!) cinnamon scrolls to share

Saturday Dinner:
We bought vegetarian hot dogs to try for the first time! So i'll heat them up and chuck them on some rolls I already bought with a bit of salad and some fruit chutney for those who like that.

Well that's the menu for this week.

Happy resting :)
All my love,
Lus x


Sigalit Chana (Treasured Graciousness) said...

Yum, yum :D

Christine said...

Yum! my mouth is watering! Have a wonderfully blessed Shabbat Lus and enjoy all the sweet fellowship together :-)

Andi said...

Your kitchen is so pretty! I love the EAT letters and your menu sounds great! Blessings and Shalom for your Shabbat!

Anonymous said...

Still reading, thinking and enjoying your links. Love Gail

lusi said...

Hope you all had a lovely Sabbath rest my friends :)

And Gail, so lovely to hear from you. I hope you are safe from the floods? Thinking of you! Did I email you? I think I did but maybe I only did in my mind!!!! lol :) Please let me know if I haven't. Love to you Gail :)


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