Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Sewing Table Revamped!

So a couple of years back I posted about how Brett and I had found this little roll top desk in an op-shop and he had suggested it would be a great sewing desk for me.
We got it home and after a short stay in the garage, Brettsky and the munchkins took to it with sandpaper and white paint and more sandpaper!
It fitted nicely in the corner of the loungeroom....until we got given our beautiful piano.
This was it then in the loungeroom...

I then moved the sewing table into our bedroom where it has been living ever since.

I have loved it in our room but must confess it has been seriously neglected :(
I would open the roll top and just dump and hide bits and pieces of crafty goodness that had been unfinished and shut the roller down again! So naughty! Then when I wanted to sew something, it would be in such a state that I would feel it would take me half the night just to clean up the desk!
So I wouldn't bother and needless to say, other than a few bonnets, I did very little sewing last year.

Well, just last week, I saw a post by THIS POST BY MEL GOODSELL which totally inspired me to clean up my sewing desk so I can actually USE it this year!!!!
Thanks Mel :)

So, it is still in our bedroom but I've made a few little changes to the space and I am happy with it :)
I don't know about you, but the way that Yah (God) made me, is to love looking at little things; pretty little things (cheap things!!!) that inspire and motivate me around my home.
I just hadn't given the sewing desk to do this...until now.

May I please show you what I've done with it?
Ok so here is the view of the sewing desk from our bed with the roll top down...

And with the roll top up...

I hung this print up where we had a big wooden frame of a lighthouse. We've had that one for years and I want to use the frame for something else soon and in its place, popped up this print.
This print was previously in Chook's room but before that it was in my childhood home. I used to stare at it for ages as a small child and imagine I was walking along the busy streets there in the rain. It still reminds me of my mum and dad and a cetain light that used to fall on it when it was rainy and mum and dad would allow us to put the big light on near the front door.

I had these white frames already (got a pack of 5 for $15 a while back) and wanted to put some silhouttes in some of them. So I went to google images and just downloaded some that I liked. I had to resize one or two in Paint but I'm happy with them. I made the heart shaped one myself with bits and pieces of little things I love that I had lying around on the sewing desk. I hung them all with 3M removeable tabs. They look crooked in this shot but it's just the dodgy angle of the camera...

On the desk, sit one of my favourite water jugs that I picked up at a white elephant (second hand) stall about 9 years ago. I think I paid 80 cents for it. I picked some branches from our garden and hung this little woven birdy (which i picked up a while back for $5 from a homeware store in Gosford). The beaded tree hanging in the branch was made by a friend of ours Karel and was attached to a card. I think it looks pretty there next to the birdy ;)
Next to the jug is a little candle-holder bird cage which I think was $10 from Sportsgirl (of all places!) last November. The  black acrylic bird was one from my line of scrapbooking products that I had released by Buzz and Bloom in what feels like a life-time ago! This little one is still one my favourite of the designs so it sits up next to the cage.

On top of the desk is also this little black frame (from an op-shop which cost me 50 cents) and this little elephant tea set which was my grandmother's. My mum remembers it from when she was a child but wasn't really allowed to play with it being such a delicate little thing. She passed it onto me and now it sits there on top of the desk for no reason in particular other than I like it!

So the view looking up, if I am sitting at the desk...

Inside the table there were three little shelves built in and these house old (and washed!) salsa jars, each containing buttons or embroidery floss or paperclips, etc...

Inside the pull out drawer, are two plastic drawer inserts I got from Ikea a couple of years back. They were super cheap and have heaps of little compartments to put things in...

A close-up of a few of the compartments...bobbins, threads, tape measures, punches, quilt roller, etc...

And this was the best bargain ever!!! This photo is so deceptive but this basket stands waist high on me!!! It is sooooooooooo deep I could probably lose one of my kids in there! lol
Inside it I have all my fabrics, my paper trimmers, other bits and pieces like zippers etc (each little thing is grouped into zip lock bags) and my portable bag of sewing bits and pieces.

Well there you have it!
My sewing nook in my bedroom all cleaned up and ready for a year of sewing!
I'm going to do my best to keep it in a decent state so that I won't procrastinate away all those little gifts I can make, the skirts and dresses that can be sewn and the mending too :)

Have you got a sewing space?
I'd love to see it!
Ok much love and more to come another time.
Lus x


Melissa Goodsell said...

Lusi, it was so lovely to see your new sewing space! Thank you for sharing with me and I really LOVE what you have done.
Let the sewing begin :)

lusi said...

Thanks Mel :)
Love to you,
Lus x

Peterson Party said...

Love to see how you've used your spaces. Always fun to see all of your home makeovers. Very inspiring as well :)
I hope that you will share your sewing projects with us as well this year. I have a sewing machine but rarely ever use it. I just don't know what to make. Maybe I'll get a bit more motivation/inspiration from your projects!

Enid said...

Super cute...I love it...bring on the sewing!

Danielle said...

What a gorgeous dress and a gorgeous space. Love it all. I especially like how you have all your buttons and tidbits in little jars, so cute.

caz1975 said...

I am terrible at sewing but I was flicking through the home school resource directory the other day and saw a learn to sew DVD that tempted me, it would be a very useful skill to have methinks :-)

Love your sewing space!!

lusi said...

Cara - thanks :) am hoping to be able to share some projects this year and maybe if you find some, you could share them with me?

Enid - thanks :) Bring it on indeed!!!

Danielle - thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment :)

Carolyn - what's the dvd called? Maybe i should get it too! I taught myself how to sew 2 years aho when I bought my first sewing machine. I'm still not much chop at it, but i try hard and i reckon that counts for something, right? lol!

Love to you all x

singing mama said...

Lusi you are so creative!! I used to think I was creative and then I meet you lol you amaze me so much with how you make things work together and look great !!!
Luv Donna

lusi said...

Donna, what do you mean you 'used to think you were creative'? YOU ARE CREATIVE! And inspire me in many ways my friend!!!
Thanks mate, I think the space works well now. Yay!
And with cutting back in budget this year, I will be finally getting back to making presents again! :)
Love to you guys,
Lus x

Bren said...

I LOVE your has such character. I recently got a new sewing area...I am the Queen of sewing areas, as I have had so many! Here is a link to the newest spot....

lusi said...

Thanks Bren! Thanks for stopping by :-) will hop over to your blog and check out yours!
Lusi x

singing mama said...

Oh I love your homemade presents!!!! One of my goals this year has been to learn to sew but I need a better machine first. And then I need to learn again how to sew. We'll see if I end up sewing, I would love to make the girls some dresses!
Luv Donna

Karen L said...

Lusi, I love seeing what you have done with your sewing space also. It looks lovely. Haven't really got a proper sewing space anymore -might just have to set one aside this year, as I also have been enjoying a little sewing. Made some decorations for my table for Valentine's Day ( a little early I know) will post soon on my blog.

lusi said...

Donna, I want to make our girls dresses too!! Maybe we'll both sew up a storm this year!

Hi Karen! Hope u r well mate (especially after all the floods up your way). Would love to see photos of your sewing space if you get one happening this year. Love to you xo

Peterson Party said...

Just read that you are starting back to school this week! Have fun! Take some pictures and let us know how it goes :)

caz1975 said...

Hi Lusi, the DVD's are called u2 can sew, I have no idea how much they are but the website is there's a coupon with the ad for $40 off. It's in the 2011 HEA resource directory, not sure if you're a HEA member or not? Hope that helps :-)


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