Friday, December 24, 2010

Some shots from around here that I haven't posted recently but wanted to share!

Hanging out with our beautiful friends, the Edwards' sharing our hearts, food + Scriptures last Shabbat (sabbath)...

Stass making strawberry iceblocks (very high salicylate so they we are allowing the kids to have like 2 once or twice a week as a treat - so far so good!)...

We had been to the local science centre the week before last and I bought these plastic bag balloons that we used to have on cracker night when we were kids! I LOVED these when I was little - I've always wondered about them and then I saw them when we were at the science centre and bought some. The kids enjoyed them (they didn't last long) and we talked about how air is a gas and is inside it making it move and yet you can't see it. They enjoyed playing with them :)

I altered this frame that hangs on our back wall with one of my all time fave verses..."But as for me and my household, we will serve Yehovah (God)" which comes from Joshua 24:15. The frame looks small here but in real life it's about 1 metre long! It's the first time in a long time that I've played with some scrapbooking papers!

close up...the papers in the middle are flocked and the two diagonals are transparencies...

Ethi created this plane which Aunty Anth kindly sent him for his birthday. He followed the instructions and made it ALL BY HIMSELF. Very happy with his efforts :)

Liji got all inspired last week by a craft book he was thumbing through and asked if we could make some ginger bread men. This is the first time in the last couple of years that we've created them actually using ginger (since they are high in salicylates) and they all did well! Praise Yah!

And little Miss Zip drank from a cup by herself for the first time very confidently without spilling any! Growing up very quickly!!!

With all the flooding around here lately, we decided to take a drive out to a local dam. We were here 6mths ago and that pontoon (?) was all dry and there was dirt and grass surrounding it! It was so wonderful to see all the water!

Enjoyed a lovely shabbat picnic together. This was after I'd been sick too and it was so nice to be out in creation feeling back to normal (well almost!)

Our little bonnet girl...this is the ONLY hat she likes on her head!

We also went to Sydney Wildlife World reccently with my folks (more in another post) but I loved this family photo dad took of all of our little clan :)

Well more to come another time :)
For those entering into Shabbat, may your time resting be a great blessing and delight! May you feast on His Word and delight yourself in Him!
Love Lusi x

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Peterson Party said...

Happy Sabbath! Beautiful pictures and wow, drinking from a cup! What a big girl :) So exciting when they hit those milestones, but also sad that they grow up so fast!!!


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