Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 Years Ago (and Ethan's birthday!!!)...

We entered into a covenant together.
A covenant of marriage and devotion before God and our family and friends.
I just cannot believe that day was ten years ago.

We have been through so many things in that time; good and bad.
We've been blessed with four incredible pregnancies, births and babies.
We've buried grandparents.
We've moved house 7 times.
We've endured financial hardship + incredible seasons of blessing and prosperity.
We've seen friends come + some go too.
We've travelled overseas to two countries together.
We've fought alot.
We've made up more times than we've fought.

We've gone through me having an auto-immune bleeding disorder, having the stress of not knowing how badly it would affect me, being told i might not wake up in the morning, gone though splenectomy surgery and endured so many hospital visits- all with you being my tower of strength and comfort.
We've thought we might go our own way once or twice but came through all those trials only by the grace of God, the love of family + friends and a determination to make our vows last forever.
We've gone through the rocky road of having one of our precious children being diagnosed with Autism and all the challenges and joys that has brought us along the way.
We've laughed so hard together.
And cried just as much too.

We've homeschooled together.
We've both thought we were the worst parents in the world at times.
We've marvelled at how He has brought us through so many hairy times.
We've celebrated and cooked and feasted together.
We've shared it all.
We've held hands on the lounge and cried out to God to hear our prayers.
We've thanked Him and marvelled at His mighty works in our lives.
I'll never forget how supportive you were at every birth. You rubbed my back and always encouraged me and told me how well I was doing.
You've always eaten my food - even when it really was bad and needed some tweaking...alot of tweaking!
You've never made a bad comment if I've been overweight because you've always said you love me for who I am not what I look like. And you've really meant it.
You've loved my family and my friends.
You've let me have times to myself so I can hear from Yehovah (God) and always encouraged me to put my relationship with Him first - no matter how hard the walk ahead.
You continue to lead me and cover me in a beautiful way. Your prayers mean so much to me and always touch my spirit.
And despite all the ups and downs, here we are 10 years on in our marriage journey.
I love you my darling, my best friend.
Thank you for 10 of the most amazing years of my life, my love.
I am so thankful our wonderful Abba (father) brought us together and pray that if it's His will, we get to celebrate many, many more happy years together.

And one of the beautiful products of our marriage is our littlest man Ethan who turns 6 today too! 
Happy birthday beautiful boy!
May you grow to know how loved you are by all of us and by your awesome Maker.
May the love of Yahshua (Jesus) be yours every day of your life and may the Truth of His Life and His Word set you heart alight with passion for Him!
We are so thankful for you and love you so much mate! 

More another time,
 Lus x


singing mama said...

This post made me cry Lusi (ahem pregnancy hormones LOL) , because it was so beautiful. It is amazing the beautiful blessed journey of walking thru life with the mate that Yahweh has chosen for us! Such up and down, good and bad and just incredible moments. You expressed your journey so beautifully, and I pray you and Brett will have many many more blessed and joyful years serving and following YHVH together!!
and Happy Birthday Ethan from all us Edwards Clan!!
Luv Donna

Peterson Party said...

That is awesome that you are able to celebrate two special events together! Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to Ethan!

kathy said...

Happy anniversary! And happy birthday to Ethan :)

lusi said...

Thanks lovelies!

Christine said...

happy anniversary lovely Austins! May your marriage continue to grow stronger and stronger as the years go by, and may you continue to be an inspiration to others!

and happy birthday Ethi-boo! looking forward to seeing you all very soon!

Bridget said...

Happy Anniversary! And happy 6th b'day Ethi! may Yah bless you in the many years to come!

love you guys heaps,

Bridget x

caz1975 said...

That was such a beautiful post Lusi, enjoy this special day in your family :-)

lusi said...

Thanks Christine + Bridget + Carolyn! Love to you lovely ladies :)
Lus x

frills and spills said...

So much to celebrate!!! How beautiful :)
Congrats to you & Brett on 10 years - WOW!
Happy Birthday Ethi!

Love Jas xx

lusi said...

Thanks Jas! Love to you mate!
Love lus x

Karen said...

Congratulations on 10 years Lusi and Brett, I could really relate to the ups and down in a normal married life - our miracle is that we have just had 26 years together Let's pray there are many more years coming your way.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Sumara said...

Aaah I remember your beautiful wedding! What a fun day that was. :)

You and Brett are just as beautiful now as you were then, and I'm so glad we're still friends, Lus.

Love you lots, you two.

A very happy happy birthday to Ethan. Six! Give him a big cuddle from all of us!

lusi said...

Congrats Karen on 26 years!!! What a wonderful milestone!
May there be many more years together for you guys :-)

And Sumi I'm so glad we are still friends too beautiful one! And it was a fun day wasn't it! Love to you all mate!
Lus x

Nat Mardon said...

Congrats on 10 wonderful years my dar friend. You and Brett are a beautiful couple and one to look up to, despite good and bad times.

And a big Happy Birthday to Ethi-boo too!! So grown up!

Love you & miss you, Nat xx

rockmelonj said...

beautiful tributes Lusi, very touched!

lusi said...

Thanks Natti! Love you and miss you too :)
And thanks for your comment Rochelle as well! Lots of love!

Lus x

Anonymous said...

Reading your blog message made me smile. Like you I am very grateful to have a wonderful husband who I love very much. We have been together for 20 years now and married for 14 of those.

Anyway enough about me, just got me thinking about my life after reading about yours. Sending belated congratulations to you both for your special anniversary. It is fantastic and beautiful that you have stayed together and have so many fun and happy memories.

Your children are blessed to have you as their parents.

Also belated birthday wishes being sent to Ethan. I hope he had a fun day :)

Have a great week ahead and keep safe. From Susan McGuire (smiles1965) xxoo

lusi said...

Thanks Susan for your sweet comment!
Love Lusi x


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