Sunday, November 28, 2010


Brett's dad is from America and because it is important to him (and because we don't feel it annuls YHVH's (God's) commandments), we celebrate it with his family.
We celebrated it at Brett's parents' house last Thursday night and we had a lovely time.

During the day, we made craft items for the centre piece and did THESE PILGRIM SHAPE BOOKS FROM ENCHANTED LEARNING TO LEARN A BIT MORE ABOUT THE PILGRIMS. I laminated the shape books and put a split pin in them so they could show them to their grandparents and aunt without worrying about the baby sucking on/ripping/chewing/etc the booklets they had spent most of the day working on. I don't think I would have handled the meltdowns had she been able to do that to their work! Sometimes, it's also about self preservation isn't it?!
We learnt that the Pilgrims were experiencing religious persecution where they were living in Plymouth in England and so left in search of a land where they would be free to worship God without fear of persecution from the king of England and his servants.

Thanksgiving happens to be a 'harvest' season festival.
We went on an hour long walk to try and collect some pinecones but its not the right season for it here Down Under so we could only really rustle up a couple of older ones. They did the job of holding the paper-craft- turkey's head in place! lol :)
We saw a red belly black snake (i think it was anyway) on our walk (bottom left photo below).
Sooooo not a fan of snakes!
The bottom right photo is of last year's centrepiece that the kids made which Nanny and Poppy had kept for this year too. They thought that was really special :)

We enjoyed a big turkey dinner with yummy baked vegies (thanks to Nan and Pop and Sulley's efforts).
Then we enjoyed Pop's pumpkin pie and icecream.
During dessert, we went around the table and each take a turn at saying some of the things we are thankful for. This is my favourite part of the night each year.
An intimate relationship with God, my hubby Brett, our children, family and friends top my list.
It was lovely hearing what each person was thankful for.
Well, we had a lovely time and were thankful for Pop, Nan and Sulley hosting such a lovely night.
More another time,
Lusi x


Christine said...

I didn't know Brett's dad is American! Looks as though you all had a fun time :-)

Peterson Party said...

Sounds like a wonderful time together with family!


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