Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The reality is it is November.

The reality is that the year has almost past (well by the Roman calendar anyway) and i have got so much I still want to get done. I'm one of those people that gets an idea and then likes to see it come to pass...like yesterday. Impulsive and often impatient and you can add procrastinator extraordiare to that list too.

Now there will be some of my friends who read this and will want to say, 'don't be so hard on yourself'. I'm assuring you now....I'm not trying to be hard on myself; just stating the facts.

As I type, I have the homeschooling cupboard contents all over the schooling floor, I have books falling off bookshelves and a filing cabinet that needs to be filled with subject texts/resources. I am about half way through this job. It's one of those jobs that you start and you get half way through and think, 'why am i doing this? i should have left it alone!' but at the end, you are always glad you got through it. I know i'll feel this way when it is done. One of my bookshelves needs to be so severley culled it is just not funny. Oh and add culling toy boxes and linen to that too.

I have craft projects that are begging some attention but I keep saying, 'they will have to wait' and now it is almost the end of the year and they haven't had a look in!

How's this for a to do list?

* The motor in our vacuum (only 2 months old) has died and needs to be returned. Yep haven;t done that.

* Our laptop with about 30, 000 + photos on it plus all my homeschooling files has not been backed up (not kidding) and is not starting up properly. I  need to get all this stuff off here like as of yesterday but still haven't done it.

* I have not done my registration for homeschooling and I have 3 kids up for rego soonish. Need to seriously get cracking on that. And I need to update the kids portfolios, the homeschool diary and print off photos of their learning for their portfolios too.

* We want to host a bbq here in a couple of weeks to celebrate the following; our 10th wedding anniversary, zippi's very belated first birthday party, my belated 30th birthday party (belated by a year) and yet i haven't even begun to think about it more than what I've just typed out.

* I want to call friends more; especially friends who are going through hard stuff. I know they understand and they don't expect anything but it's just that I want to be in touch more.

* There are about 3 places we've been saying we want to take the kids to and well, we just haven't. yet.

* I have kitchen cupboards to cull but haven't yet.

I could keep going but I won't.

Because the reality is.....THIS IS MY LIFE RIGHT NOW!
It just is.
And somehow, most of the time I am ok with that.

Other times, like today, it's so easy to feel snowed under.
It's just how I feel today.
Tomorrow will probably feel different but it's how I feel today.

But the reality is...I know Yah (God) will get me through it all and help me sort out what actually needs doing and what can wait. I know He wants to teach me discernment, how to be productive without be a perfectionist and how to wait patiently and endure through circumstances.

The reality is that life is fleeting and that I want to embrace the journey I am on right now.

And the reality is that I can still honestly say, my awesome amazing Elohim (God) is good!!!

How's that for a reality check?

Love and many blessings to you, whatever the season and circumstance you find yourself in!

Lus x


Christine said...

and I love how our blogs are the perfect place to vent about all this stuff!

You'll be right Lus. Deep breaths! One day at a time.

and forget about the 'to do list' and just start a new one! ok, so maybe get the vacuum cleaner fixed..or just take it back and say 'I'll have a new one thanks!'

and then come and have another holiday at Cootamundra :-)



singing mama said...

Ah Lusi, as I sit amongst a house that has SO many things that need /want to be done I can totally understand the feeling of snowed under!!! I am hugely overwhelmed but like you Yahweh is teaching me thru this messy bust season. I will be praying for peace, patience and clarity for you today!
Luv and hugs

lusi said...

christine....if only! lol!!! would love to visit again mate :) ah will just keep pretending i'm there sipping herbal teas and hearing the bleeting of goats!

and donna...thanks alot mate :) thinking of you too :)

love you girls x

Peterson Party said...

Thanks for sharing and nice to know that I am not the only one with a mile long "to do" list!

Lori-Dawn said...

Oh, yes, the neverending "to do" list!! I say forget the roman calendar and realize that you have until the Barley is ripe in Israel and the New moon's appearance in the spring to get your to to list done! That gives you many more months my friend! Here's to keeping our Creator's Calendar! lol We don't use alarm clocks either, being self-employed as well as homeschoolers gives us the freedom to adjust our schedule to that of Yahweh's! It's even kinda fun!
Shalom from Canada!

lusi said...

Lol Cara - yep you are certainly not alone!

And Lori-Dawn - thanks for dropping by and for your insights shared! And you are right; being 'off clock' is one of the benefits of homeschooling isn't it. Maybe i've forgotten that and needed a good reminder! Thanks!

Love to you both :)

Sumara said...

Hey beautiful girl!

A touch of reality is always nice for idealists like us. :)

I've put in my home ed rego stuff and a BOS man is coming in a couple of weeks to meet us. I've even spoken to the principal about it and he was (surprisingly!) quite positive, although not at all well informed. B's teacher was so positive that she offered to help us with resources, and sent B home with the teacher's Scholastic catalogue. I've had the girls home sick this week and am loving having them around, plus they've all been mostly getting along REALLY well. So all in all I'm feeling pretty encouraged! :D

I hope you can get the laptop sorted and save all those files you need. Noel's computer is dead atm too, with all our photos and things as well (luckily I'd already printed out our home ed planning!).

Love you sweetness.

lusi said...

Hi Sumi!
I'm so pleased that it is all going so well mate - seriously that is tops! Let me know how you go with the Officer from the BOS. I'm sure it will be fine! And yay about B's teacher too - that's really terrific! You'll have to show me the catalogue next time we catch up! ;)
Am pleased the munchkins are getting along too - what a wonderful feeling for you all as you enter the next part of this journey!
Am thinking of you often and of course send my love to you my friend!
Love Lus x

Melanie B said...

Gorgeous as always Lusi.
I plan to email you soon to have a chat!! I too have been on a cleaning frenzy & want it all done yesterday. I as well am being taught that God has each day in his hands & I can only do what I can do. Brush it off tomorrow is another day. You are such a blessing thanks for sharing & being so REAL. Me xx

The man behind the ramblings said...

Your list sounds remarkably like my list!
About that BBQ you're planning... can you wait until January so we can come? The 6 of us are headed down for my sisters wedding so we need to make sure we catch up and hang out!
Love you

lusi said...

Thanks Mel! Lovely to hear from you mate and hope all is well with you.
Chat soon,
Love Lus x

lusi said...

Hi Sar!!! Oh yay you are coming in Jan?! Would LOVE to catch up again with you guys! Am looking forward to it already - just let me know details closer to the time.
Hope you are all going well!
Love to you all mate!
Love Lus x

Karen said...

As I sit here and procrastinate I can so relate to your list. It never finishes because as fast as something comes off one end - something else is added to the other!
Still its been a good morning - day off work, one girl has her L's, another done the computer test before P's, her car is booked in for rego. Now there are cakes baking and it is just nice just "being" hanging out with my girls. The list can wait

lusi said...

Hi Karen!
Congrats to your daughter and sounds like a lovely restful time 'hanging' with your girls! Enjoy it all :)
I love it - the list certainly CAN wait!
Love Lusi x


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