Thursday, October 7, 2010

Taking My Shoes Off

My lovely friend Donna wrote this on her blog, Yahewh's Songs, last night describing what it has been like to begin to walk in the Ways that He (God) set out for us; His instructions, His Torah.

Here's what she wrote...

I was talking with dear Kathy tonight about Torah and how it is like a light has gone on for me.

I explained it like this- it is like I have been walking on the ground with my shoes always on and I have for the first time taken off my shoes and am able to feel the grass beneath my feet. With my shoes on I didn't believe or understand that the grass was still there, but it was. And I didn't know the truth, but now I have my shoes off and am beginning to walk on the grass, I wonder how I never understood it was there before. The texture of the grass can be a bit weird and different but also nice and I am so thankful that I took off my shoes!

I really liked that + wanted to share it here.
Anyway, more to come another time.
Lus x

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